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There already is a forum for "Backcountry" that touts being a home for AT and "all things tele."

But for Cross-Country skiing....

I've read the "About Us" section of the site and nowhere does it say "alpine ski only" or "gravity-driven skiing only" or the like.

Is there somewhere else where it states that (not will not host any cross-country ski related forum? I can't find it, if it does exist.

Has anyone made a formal request to the mods, who seem to be ignoring this growing thread?
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Here's one thread where it received zero response and another that I cannot find left the impression that and XC/Skate Forum possibility was on the radar.
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Well, this thread shows we deserve a forum. We've bragged, insulted, had nerdy gear discussions, and even traded useful info. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

I'll expound on my views of the "paper test" when we can have our thread "proper flex for classic skis"

In the meantime, I'll PM a few mods.

Technical shot to argue about
Fubsy cutesy (what more can they want)

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Hi I'm Lucky and I go both ways.:
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What's one of the advantages of going both ways?

You double your possibility of getting a date....err......getting on snow with skis.....and become a better, well rounded skier.

Maybe it should be called the AC/DC Forum? (controversy sells.)
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Do any of you do underbinding cants on nordic gear?

I can see skaters wanting a few degrees inside wedge. What about classic skis?
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I have not seen it very often, maybe not often enough. I had a pair of boots I could never really relax in, I'm sure it was a canting problem. Skaters need to be flat, I think. You really spend very little time on edge, mostly step from one flat ski to the other.
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
What's one of the advantages of going both ways?

You double your possibility of getting a date....err......getting on snow with skis.....and become a better, well rounded skier.

Maybe it should be called the AC/DC Forum? (controversy sells.)
Well, I guess that's why they call it Cross-country skiing.
I don't even want to know what the Maggots would do with this. :

I used to go both ways, but I'm strictly straight down the hill anymore.

Guys, can you "Nords" share space in a Backcountry and Cross Country Skiing forum? We let the telemarkers and split boarders in there, so the neighborhood is pretty much shot anyway.
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I have no problem sharing with those people, those long haired, hippy free heeled weirdos, really, . They reinvented the evolution of alpine gear in no time, from skinny skis and leather boots to steincomps on Alpine skis to modern free heel combat gear.

I actually like those guys. Ask them if they can put up with us.
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Consider it done unless the boss complains. I'd appreciate it if you guys would link to the threads you want to move to the X-Country forums. See you there.
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Ideally, no:

Though touring and classic xc skiing share some common aspects (crossovers) of backcountry and telemarking, skate skiing is clearly different. Backcountry is about alpine ascents and descents, avalanches and different gear and focus. Telemarking is about the tele turn on and off piste. Touring and classic are more about varied terrain and not about avalanche concerns, but more about peaceful and lower key excursions for non-racers. Skate skiing is total body and balance workout and dialing in technique on a prepared track. All are good in their own right as is alpine skiing and deserve some level of obvious separation.

If XC (& skate), a predecessor to alpine skiing, which has higher interest in Europe and elsewhere, were to get tossed in with the other pursuits in the back corner, I think it'd get watered down and the benefits will be missed by many members. There are plenty of people uninterested in BC and would be in XC and visa versa.

If sharing a forum is the only option, I'd suggest putting up a sticky with a key and suggestion to post threads with a prefix for everyone to clearly understand what discipline the topic is about, ie:



My 1 1/4 rupees.

(Actually, I don't just go both ways, I go all ways )
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Hmmmm, things just got complicated.

Thanks Alpinord.

And I didn't ask for Rupees, I wanted hole plugs.
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Thanks for the consideration CR. Doing missionary work is always complicated. (We must convert the heathens.)
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Your idea to post topic with XC, BC and whatever is good. Write the sticky

I'm reluctant to add new forums when we have under utilized "related" forums. We're getting spread a bit thin here, and I'm getting complaints from some quarters that we have too many forums.

I'd still like to do a Backcountry and Cross Country Skiing forum, and use your sticky idea to quickly point out the subject. I can make Cross-country at sub-forum to keep it separate, but it might reduce traffic . As interest grows, it can split out and become its own animal God forbid:.

We don't really have that many who walk and skate on skinny sticks do we?
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Do a poll - how many bears are straight, cross or bi?

For my two pesos, x-country is much different from backcountry; however, I frankly don't know how much can be said about x-country. I started another thread tonight on the differences and similarities of xc to dh. It will be interesting to see the # of responses and who responds.
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I'm ski bi curious :

Interested in trying out cross country. It's a little scary how skinny those skis are though. I'm sure free trail access will help me get over that.

I don't even wanna think about how that could be interpreted with a dirty mind....
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I think the line is blurry...or is that the wine. I have Karhu cross country skis with metal edges. I finally got tired of controlling my speed by pulling a face plant. So the boots suck and everything looks loony going downhill at only 10 mph, but once you give in to metal edges, just where do you draw the line.

I found that by "touring" on AT skis, I could handle the downhill pitches with some grace, and actually have a reason for hiking uphill.
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>I finally got tired of controlling my speed by pulling a face plant.

i'm an aggressive downhiller, but am no hero whatsoever on xc skis, for me it is about fitness and sliding, and i know it helps me downhilling. To me, skiing fast downhill on skinny skis is dangerous and unnecessary.
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Skate skiing and (in-track) classic skiing have about as much in common with BC skiing as they do with alpine: it involves two long, flat sticks bound to your feet somehow. Why combine them? Because they involve a free heel? That's like combining skiing and snowboarding because both involve chairlifts frontside.

There are zillions of forums here at Epic. What's wrong with one more for XC? We're not asking for XC Resorts, XC Technique, Ask an XC Pro, XC Gear, XC Member Reviews, etc.......just XC.
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And just to add....I've got nothing against the BC-ski crowd. Heck, I do AT, too, and hang out with the local ridge hippies all the time, although that might change if I ever run out of homebrew

But when I have a binding question about the Salomon pilot classic, they are all talking about whether the Dukes will survive the hype or where to get cheap cable. Just not the same conversations.

Different cultures. Both great, but different. Different forums, please....
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The need to turn on XC skis, evolved into the telemark turn, which evolved into locking down the heel and alpine turns....Screaming down a hill on skinny skis will teach you balance very quickly. : The step turn is another trick to learn.

I've reposted my stash and have rationalized their individual purchases like others split hairs with their alpine quivers, to get out in all kinds of conditions more often and when small windows of opportunity present themselves, to stay in shape, reduce stress, get on snow often, etc:

Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
FWIW, a ski for every condition, my 'Quiver'. Left to Right: Alpine, BC, Tele, Rugged Touring/Tele (patterned base), BC Touring (patterned base), Classic (grip wax base), Skate, AT Skate.....(I need some twin tip Skate skis now for the park . Which ski goes in which forum? :

XC Classic: (waxable) for set track diagonal stride touring.
XC Classic: (patterned) for out of track touring in variable snow and super light gear out the back door
BC Touring: (patterned, metal edged) for better control on icy conditions and for tele turns (doesn't quite cut it)
Rugged Touring (patterned): for a beefier, light weight touring ski with tele boots for low angle BC touring, with touring cable tele binding and turns in variable conditions. Shortens time on long slogs with grip area and kick & glide. Also, works at ski areas. Can also use skins.
Telemark: BC & ski area beefier ski and binding for better turns. Can also use skins.
AT: these bindings accept any boot type, including my tele boots so I could weat my tele boots and swap between AT & tele for BC & ski areas, powder and variable snow. Can also use skins.
Alpine: with DIN compatible AT boots for variable ski area terrain and higher speeds and control.
Skate: total body workout on a track. Great for conditioning, balance, edging and going fast.

See.....there's plenty to talk about in a separate XC Forum.
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Spring backcountry skating. I go in there on AT gear too, but it is a different sport. The sports can merge, ie, when I go in there with AT gear I use some special poles I made which extend to 165 cm to skate out on my AT gear. I doubt, the AT crowd want to discuss the virtues of the v2 skate vs v2 alternate however.

I guess if a shared forum is the best we can do we'll take it...
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As heavy as the Dukes are, I bet they help you smooth out your V2.
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Is it a permanent decision for XC to be combined with BC. or is it still under consideration?

If a permanent decision, to what degree should we attempt to breck down topics/disciplines by prefixes?

(Wow.....I started typing in the General Discussion Forum and ebded up in BC/XC....what a trip. )
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When did anything about this forum end up inflexible of permanent?
Small steps. As interest in X-C grows, it will be given the space it needs for topics. The backcountry forum had always included XC threads up to now, as well as tele, and even mountaineering. If we see a lot of interest, there is no reason XC couldn't have its own forum area, with gear, technique, and meet on the flats

In all seriousness, a forum that gets posts every few days won't be looked at, so this is where I think it starts.
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...should have said 'Where it's at for now.....' :
Probably a wiser decision. Thanks.

Maybe the description could include: BC, XC, Skate, Touring, Spitboard & Tele, etc????

Basic Prefixes (if needed for quick scans and searching)?????:

BC: Backcountry
XC: on and off track classic and touring
Skate: skate skiing
Tele: the meaning of life by mastering 'the turn'
Split: splitboarding
Gen: potpourri

Thanks again,
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Backcountry/XC or Backcountry/Touring should cut it. Backcountry skiing doesn't only mean yo yo-ing a bowl or ski mountaineering. It means getting out into the backcountry on skis. It's all considered touring. Hell, I'm on a splitboard and I always say I'm going skiing or on a tour. Splitting hairs between skate skiing, xc skiing, rando, tele, and splitties is contrary to the ethos of backcountry skiing and touring.

A tour is about the environment you are in and being with your friends, not about the things on your feet.

There is not a very big touring contigent on this site. When you start breaking everything down into different categories it takes away from the community of the backcountry.

Besides, what do you do about the people who tour on metal edged xc skis with a cable binding.

Or kicker skin fans (skins to help you skate across long flat approaches).

And if you seperate out splitboards, it will basically be killclimbz and I talking to each other.

I can't wait for the "I hate splitboarders who put too steep of a skin track in, and sit in front of you buckling in" threads to start. :
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Originally Posted by splitter View Post
I can't wait for the "I hate splitboarders who put too steep of a skin track in, and sit in front of you buckling in" threads to start. :
Thoughts like this never seem to pop into mind when I'm skating along the groomed, silky-smooth trails of a fancy schmancy cross country ski area like Lone Mountain Ranch.
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Splitter, there are humorless Skaters out there who have smoked to much perfluoronated wax that would beg to differ with your all inclusive assessment.

Let it roll then, the objective of the prefix idea was to make it easier for quick scans and finding stuff later, not to segregate ('cause, I'm all of the above.)

It is true that it is just about getting out on snow with boards or sticks on your feet....

Go git some!
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I forgot ski-joring.

Would it be considered skate skiing or xc?
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