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To Gary Dranow and all the others who push the waist steering concept.
Yesterday I went to Windham mountain, conditions were great considering how little snow we have had. My fist day back on the slopes and I dedicated to just concentrate on my technique. Spent most of the day just getting used to my skis again, and then for the last few runs of the day I really put emphasis on employing all the things that have been discussed here and at the NASTAR forum about body position. Usually I just wrestle my turns, skidding and taxing my muscles to the burning point. But yesterday....well I kept my shoulders square with the terrain and used my core to gently swing my hips just enough to allow my legs to angulate to carve the turn. To my astonishment the turns and carving came about so much easier, little energy exerted, I was able to get my legs way out from under me, so much more control, it was wonderful. Thank you again guys!