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New Year's in Whistler

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I read somewhere that you need to get tickets in advance for the night scene in the village on new year's. Is this true? What are the best places to check out? Totally packed would be nice to avoid while not too mellow scene is ideal. Food, which is optional for this group, is not as important as not going broke.

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Pretty much ... and they're usually charging way more than I'm willing to pay. I prefer house parties anyways.
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Are the lines brutal (over 20 min) on the peak chair and top chair at Blackcomb that time of year? If so I might change flight to calgary and hit up kicking horse...

any advice?
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I don't recall ever having stood in a 20min lineup for Peak Chair ... unless of course it hadn't quite opened. There are only a handful of times I have waited longer than 10mins for Glacier Express (presuming this is what you mean by the top chair on Blackcomb, although 7th Heaven does go higher so maybe you mean that one and it does get longer lineups) ... anyways, sure it could be longer than 20mins if you get there when it is on standby, but once it's open & the initial batch of freshy hunters have gone up I would be surprised if you have to wait that long assuming of course that weather conditions mean all the usual lifts are open.

Just to reitterate, if it's a big powder day then naturally there may be lineups of longer than 20mins while waiting for some lifts to open, but once everything is up & running I would be surprised if you wait that long on Peak or Glacier Express.
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