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Weight training recovery question

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Skiing and weight lifting, in this case standing calf raises in particular.

Right now I'm doing my lower body on Tuesdays to give more time for recovery before skiing since I'm mostly skiing on weekends. However....

Skied Sat-Sun and calves are a bit sore now. They don't get as sore after the weight training.

Should I?

a. Do my calf exercises on Tuesdays when they might be a little sore still from skiing?

b. Do my calf exercises on Thursdays giving more recovery from skiing, but less recovery time before skiing?

Your thoughts.....
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Tuesday. Go for a run on Thursday to get the blood going in your legs. Do all your legs exercises on Tues, and do calves last.
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Tuesday sounds good. You can also use a foam roller or body rolling ball on your calves after skiing. Works wonders!
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What's more important to you, skiing or lifting? If it is lifting, do your leg work on Thursday. If it is skiing, do your leg work on Tuesday.
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you can do them at home.
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I have calf soreness after skiing too but when I'm skiing well I'm not really using my calves. I wouldn't worry about building them as much as warming them up and post skiing stretching. Before you ski, do some squat jumps (say 10) until you're good and winded. This will warm up your legs and, provided you're pushing off hard with your toes, your calves too. Dynamic stetching, or warming up, is the best and safest way to prepare for injury free activity. When you're done skiing, spend some time static streching your calves and use the roller as Lisamarie suggested. I also massage them myself to move lactic acid around (and hopefully out). I'd say lift whenever - you'll either be making them sore when you ski or working soreness out. Good luck.
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