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I got 4 new items of ski gear this week from the online mail order shop.

1) Spyder Govy backpack
2) Leki large half pole guards
3) Descente rain poncho
4) 20" aluminum gate key

The weekend turned out such that I got to use all 4 items.

Spyder Govy backpack has a small saddle on each side of the pack each to hold a ski boot with two straps on each saddle to hold the boot in. This pack is great for long walks from vehicle to lodge which is how I used it but any situation where you want to carry your boots and wear more comfortable foot gear for walking/hiking. Otherwise it is good lightweight pack suitable for the things you might take with on a day of skiing. It has three main compartments one of which has a felt cloth on a stretchy cord for wiping goggles, another with key clip and a velvet glasses holster. I got it for the boot carrying feature but it is just about perfect for a small day pack for skiing size wise as well.

Leki large half pole guards are considerably bigger than other half guards which makes it easier to avoid wacking thumb or fingers on gates. They seem to basically be a half guard with the protection of a full guard. Also great is the fact that they are two piece rather than snap on. This makes them much easier to take on and off without breaking in case you only want to use them on the poles when necessary and have clean poles for other applications. If you don't have 6-7 pairs of poles like me

Descente rain poncho is cut large/Xlarge so it actually pulls right over whatever you are wearing. I used it over my full winter parka to get some extra warmth and dryness during a full whiteout blizzard, howling winds with heavy wet snow and it did the trick very nicely adding a bit of warmth particularly against the wind. I haven't yet used it in a rainstorm but that will probably happen soon. It also comes down quite low so you sit on it on the chairlift which is nice from the dryness perspective. If you fold it up carefully it will fold into a small enough package to carry in a fanny pack which is a real nice feature if you ski somewhere where the weather changes every five minutes like PNW.

20" Aluminum gate key - this was a real find! My regular steel key is 12" and I regularly get a severe cramp in my hip and lower back from screwing in gates. The 20" key is just enough higher to give a 100% better comfort to the back when doing that task. Additionally the handles are a couple inches wider and they are padded. Padding doesn't matter so much in winter but will be nice in summertime when not wearing gloves. Extra width is nice for leverage. Weighs about the same as the smaller keys since it is Alu.

Anyway things came in Thursday and I got to use all four during course of weekend. They turn out to be very worthwhile purchases! I would purchase them again and of course now cannot live without them

- Fossil