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Skis reviewed: SX10 and Nordia Beast Limited

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Skier level: 8ish Age: 28 weight: 215 lb height: 5”10”

Conditions: Day 1: Hard pack, light crud. Day 2: Hard pack, heavier crud, slop. Green/blue/black terrain.

Other skis I have used / liked: Volkl T50 5*, Fischer Big Stix 7.6 & 8.0, Dynastar 8000

I purchased a couple new skis this summer based on reviews and price. I also bought a new pair of boots and was just breaking them in which may color my reviews. Consider this a first impression.

Ski Review: 2006 Atomic SX10
Dimensions 105-65-97 (mm), 170cm
Binding mounted in the "centered" position.

I picked these skis up on a really nice deal from STP over the summer. They are a replacement for my old Volkl T50s. The SX10 is also the heaviest ski in my quiver y weight. The SX10 has a very different feel from my old T50s and it took me a while to get dialed in, once I got dialed in I really loved the ski. Another issues to mention up front is that the SX10 are currently mounted at the "centered" position which is actually much further back than other carving skis I have used. The position is adjustable with a Phillips and I will trying the "forward" position soon and may end up going further forward than that.

The ski is capable of a variety of turn shapes and is very versatile. Short turns are pretty easy, Medium turns seem most at home when cruising. Others had mentioned a speed limit on this ski. Long turns were initially difficult to get dialed in. But once I found the spot, the skis were pretty stable at speed. However, I never really got up to top speed on the limited terrain that was open this weekend.

The ski does not have an even flex. The tips/tails of the ski are softer. The mid section of the ski is MUCH stiffer. Two footed 50/50 weighting is not the way to go since the ski is only really stable when flexed it into the stiff middle section of the ski. They want to be stomped.

I didn't always feel the stability and forgiveness, but it seems to be there when I needed it. I remember at one point when going pretty fast down a groomer my outside ski broke free when I was sitting back in variable conditions. All my weight landed on my inside ski, it held perfectly, and I was able to continue my turn and recover seamlessly. Another issue happened when slaloming some snow making towers while I was transitioning to my left, I got too wide when my inside ski hooked in crud. I was able to perform a recovery hop, land on my right edges and keep going with out stopping. This impressed me since other skis I have been on would not have reacted nearly so well in those situations. Maybe my new boot shave something to do with it as well. The ski is rock stable on landings in the park or when getting air off rollers or bumps.

The ski grips like crazy on hard pack or ice. It is better on ice than the T50s were. The soft tip prefers to float over crud piles rather than plow through. When carving long turns over golf ball sized ice chunks the ski seemed pretty damp and stable. The ski is made a good first impression in bumps, but I may reevaluate later, its too early for good bump lines to have formed yet.

My biggest complaint about the T50s was they were too demanding for all day everyday use and often left me feeling battered after a few days of hard charging. While missing the SIXTH gear of the T50s the SX10 is a looking like a more versatile choice for all day, everyday, inbounds skiing.

Ski Review: 2005 Nordica Beast Limited
Dimensions 124-92-118 (mm), 188cm
Look PX12 mounted -1.5cm form factory mark.

I have never been on a ski this fat before and didn't know what to expect. I bought these skis with an eye to the future. They came cheap and will be my everyday ski in UT next season. Even flexing wood core, natural turn radius of 29m. The Beasts have a balanced feel and are not too plank like nor too noodleish. They carve pretty well on the groomed. Real short turns require smearing. Medium turns can be carved and the rebound is good. Letting them run at a resort like 7Springs was pretty scary to think about. I was making 4 turns on a slope which I would usually make 20 or more. When they were locked in those long turns the skis were more stable than anything I have ever been on. The beasts aren't particularly demanding but not really forgiving either. I think the 188cm size is probably right for me.

All the soft snow was crud, and the skis just ruled in anything that was soft enough for a pole to penetrate it. Bulletproof was manageable, but I could tell I was on wide boards with a long turn radius. Uneven terrain, chunks of groomed out snow, frozen rumble strips, etc. the ski is very stable and went right over anything. I have a feeling that if I can find some natural snow bumps which aren't too rutted the ski would work there too. The Beasts will be making return appearances on my roof rack anytime a few inches of fresh or spring conditions are expected.
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Skiing the same 3 trails sucks but I put a different spin on this with a little help from the 7S demo day:

I was bored yesterday and didn't feel like skiing my bigstix 7.6 all day after getting abused in hard morning crud. So I took advangage of the chance to demo some all mountian skis in "spring" conditions. Conditions were hard refrozen slop / washboard / suncup in the morning and softened up nicely to about 5" deep by afternoon.

The demo fleet was split up according to the reps so I only had half of what usually is available. Many skis only have 2 or so sizes available to I tried what was arround.

Head IM88 175CM: I got this first off when conditions were still pretty frozen. The ski looks pretty simple, no bells whistels, or gadgets. Thats how it felt too simple, stiff, stable and reassuring in difficult conditions. I felt totally at home on this ski from the first moments and it skied all the worst I could find, bowling ball sized marbles and jagged refrozen crud with no problems. I actually sought out some sun cups and really rough refeze jsut to see how it would do (challenge met). It arced and carved ice much better than I expected. Lots of energy: you push it, it responds. The stiff tail has lots or rebound. This size was easy for me to work into short turns and they weren't that much work. A longer length will probably work better for offpiste. I give the ski a "big grin". Definately worth adding to my quiver if I can find room / justification.

IM82 163cm. I didn't try it. Too small to bother with, but I will later on if I can find an adult size.

Nordica Jet Fuel: All they had was a 170cm so thats what I tried. The rep assured me this was more than enough ski for me, but I sort of doubted that. The ski is smooth, easy to use at a variety of speeds, and didn't feel as stiff tip to tail as the im88. The ski carved well and was good in ice at higher speeds. Thats about it. It was too damp and the mushy tail ruined the ski's feel. Short turns were unexiting and actually harder to manage than on the head model because the ski was so lifeless. I didn't think it was very stable in what was left of the refozen crud (which was by this time alread stating to soften a little). I definately wasn't going to seek out bad conditions on this ski. I give it two "mehs".

Nordica Nitrous: also 170cm Slimer and less metal than the above, I decided to try this after talking it over with the rep. Much more fun. More rebound and lots of energy. Just as stable in crud as the JF. At least a full level less hard snow and ice performance than the JF though. Overall, very similar to my bigstix 7.6.

Atomic Metron B5 162cm I had never been on this ski before, strangely, so I decided to give it a whirl. Half way down my first run I let out a loud whoop and fightened a toddler who was skiing near me. I love this ski. Good in soft crud, great on ice (ties for best ice skate I have ever been on wiht whatever else that is). Stables in variable and hard icy crud, marbles, baby heads, etc.. more stbale than JF but not quite as good as the IM88. Carves like a dream, great in any turn shape. I sort of forgot about this ski beauce of buzz around others, but there is definately a reason they still make this one. They are definatley on my radar now. I give it a big WOOT.

Atomic Metron 11 B5 170cm: A step down from the MB5 in every way. Less stable in crud, less quick, less carvy, less grip on ice... But still a damn nice ski. I could ski this all day on bumps, ice, crud, soft stuff and not compain. Lot of energy and fun. I give it a single thumb up.

Atomic Race LT: 176cm I tried this because I was waiting for the volkl rep to come back from the bathroom or something. It was a fun ride. Fast on the groomed, but not super stable or super ice gripping. It was actually pretty good in the soft stuff. I liked them in a spin through the bumps.

Volkl S5: 161 CM. I wanted the allstar which was out, so I demoed this. I used to ski the T50 in 168, but this was WAY too short for me. I didn;t think it was impressive in anyway, It stank in crud and didn't even hold well on ice. In an appropaite size, maybe better.

By this point it was 2:30 pm and they were packing the trucks up. I took a few more spins through the soft stuff on my Big Stix.

Fischer Bigstix 7.6 175CM: Stiff felxing graphite ski, no metal. Pretty good carver. Good on icy groomers, but aren't really stable in the hard icy washboard crud of the early morning. When I reloaded them in the afternoon slop I was reminded of why I got them to start with. Railing long turns in 5-6" of slop never felt so good. Ahh...
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