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snowbird food

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will be my first time in utah... how much does the average meal cost at snowbird at one of the lodges or w/e u buy food lol??? by average i mean like burger, fries and drink maybe like a candy or something? is the price similar at alta, solitude, snowbasin...

thnx in advance
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i just ate lunch at snowbird, alta and solitude. A hungry skier can expect to spend $15-20 for lunch, with a few bucks less at Solititude.
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and what will $15-20 buy a hungry skiier???
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i think you should be able to get a hamburger, fries, soda and a candy bar.

p.s. - skip the cheese, that will definely put you over $20, pile on the pickles at the fixin bar to fill your belly.
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nice... thanks
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Snowbasin is heaps cheaper. The dining rooms are quite grand, but the prices are very small resort. Very nice!
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wow...is really $20?

and i thought that i brought my own sandwich and quad-expresso because their burgers are 30% fat and the coffee too weak
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Lunch on the cheap

We just skied 3 days at Alta/Snowbird and I spent under $10 for lunch both days at Alta, and about $12 at snowbird. A bowl of Chili runs about $6-7 and ditto for Sandwiches or burgers.

Here's a bit of advice if you want to save a few bucks, go to a convenience store and pick up some small items like a bottle of Gatorade, or cans of soda, yogurt, chips, fruit, cookies etc. You can buy your soup, sandwich or chili at the cafeteria, then pay about 30-50% for the other items you buy at 7/11/.

Also- the cafeteria at the snowbird (tram base) was not very good. You're better off with the pizza place or buying a sandwich at the market.

The ultimate cheap- there were hoardes of young kids eating Ramen noodles for lunch. They sit on benches down by the lockers!
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Have the turkey chili at the Watson shelter (Collins lift mid-station) while at Alta. Good stuff!
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I hear there is good pizza at Solitude?? Anyone know the name of this place??
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ok while on topic of SLC how is the gateway mall because I will have a lot of free time on my hands first day and after skiing each day, is there good sales during presidents week/day??? just for price comparsion a pair of jeans at abercrombie and fitch in Canada costs 100$-120$ how much do they cost at american abercrombie and fitch??? ( i heard from a friend it's ALOT cheaper?) oh and what is the SALES TAX in UTAH?????

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