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Herman Maier, NY Times...

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Tried to link to the New York Times but YOU have to be registered to view.

So, briefly....

Christopher Clarey interviewed Maier and a couple of his doctors in Flachau, Austria. The story is in the 4 November (Sunday) issue of the Times.

He has NOT ruled out Salt Lake, though it's an admitted longshot. One of his doctors expressed how nice it would be were the games to be held in April. They're shooting for having him on skis - NOT competing - in late December. His present goal is to get off the painkillers, then to running, then skiing. Much of is made, of course, and not surprisingly, in his recuperative powers and will to ski, and win, again.

He has sustained nerve damage in the left leg and has a titanium rod screwed into his tibia. A special boot is being manufactured. His weight is at 178, dropping from just over 200 lbs.

Maier, by the way, is no motorcycling neophyte. As a boy he "raced mountain bikes downhill, sometimes at night, and he also competed in motocross events."
He was severly injured in an on-road accident 24 August. Doctors cite prompt and skilled attention as significant factors in his swift recovery.

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"His present goal is to get off the painkillers, then to running, then skiing"

Wow me too, only I was not injured.....
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The guy can ski upside down so what's the worry? He can just fly around and never touch the snow or put presure on his legs.
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I hope he returns to skiing quickly! I was watching some tapes of last season's World Cup races today, and was reminded once again of what an extraordinary skier the Hermanator really is. Beyond the personal tragedy of his injuries, his absence from the World Cup is a loss to the entire sport!

Speedy recovery, Hermann!!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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