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Magfire 10...Input Please

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The Elan Magfire 10 is on my Christmas list. I have not skied them.
I am looking for a true all mountain ski with good edge hold.
I am on Fischer's now, the Ti Aircarbon GS ski (4-5 years old). I love my Fischers but they are a race ski and they do want to go fast. Great edge hold and great stability at speed.
I want to slow down some and be able to dip into the bumps and also carve a nice turn on the groomers, with stability.
The Mag 10's are in the right price range and I have all but decided on them. I would like to hear from people that ski the Mag 10's.
I have read reveiws both good and not so good.
Give me your reveiw on this ski.
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I can't help you with a review, but I do have a new pair of '07 Magfire 10's with ELD12 bindings 168cm for sale. If you have an interest, let me know.

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It seems to me that if you're coming off of a race or race-type ski then the 10's might be a little lacking in groomer performance. However, I have not ridden them. I ski the flat m666 176's which are the same as the Magfire 12's but without the fusion interface. I find that I have to turn them all the time on medium blues and above. I know that the fusion interface stiffens the ski up a bit and have read that it gives it more stability. I really like the ski a lot, I just wish they were a bit more stable.
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Isnt an all mountain ski like ELAN is ideal for groomed surfaces? I am still new to all this lingo so can you please clarify.

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The Magfire 10 is one of my usual rides. It holds just fine at any rational speed. My usual ski hill is Cannon, which is known as one of the icier places around. I avoid icy bumps like the plague, but I've skied soft bumps on them without any problems. The tips are wide, so if you prefer zipper-lining bumps, they probably won't work very well.

I don't have a whole lot of experience on them in deep snow as last year didn't provide much. They are very turny though -- they essentially have a slalom sidecut; tip 'em on a high edge angle and you'll be coming around real fast. Apparently that's a less-then-desirable trait in truly deep snow

If you live for GS-sized arcs and high-speed, I'd look elsewhere. If truly deep snow is a regular occurrence where you ski -- look elsewhere. If you're looking for an endless supply of short and medium radius turns, then the Magfire will handle easily 98% of the days that New England serves up.

They have the usual Elan "feel". They'll lie there quietly on the snow arcing turn after turn; push a bit more into the ski and you'll find a solid rebound. They give back what you put in.
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Thanks for the replies.
I have read more reviews at different web sites and I think I will jump into these skies. I'll be keeping my Fischers which means I will have a great ski for the groomers (man, these skies are fast!!). And, I'll have the Mag 10 for the days that are soft. 2 different skies for different conditions.
To be honest, I want a ski that will slow me down. I think the Mag 10 with the deep sidecut will do this...as with the Fischers, there is no slowing down.
Thanks again for the replies.
Happy Trails!
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