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Poll Results: Have you skied yet

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2 days hiking stowe
1 day at Jay

i hope to have another 10 days under my belt over winter break. Id have more but sadly NJ doenst have crap for skiing. 7 days in jackson in Jan.

goal is 55 this season
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12 days
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All right VA! Skiing with the boy! Nothing finer, is there?

Not one day for me, yet. It's raining today.
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First turns yesterday.

Happily sore.
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Day number 8. Got my legs back today & feel great to be skiing again.
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Just one day but it was oustanding

Got up to Crystal Mountain, WA on Friday, Dec 1. Temps were mid 20s and it was on the tail end of the record breaking precip November we had here in the PNW. Only 1-2 of new but very little pressure over the week and plenty of great lines. The hill was in mid season shape and the snow was primo for WA. Around noon the sun came out and made it one heck of a great first day. Best 1st day in WA in the 25 years I've been skiing.

It's snowing hard in the mountains again today and should be around 3-4 feet of new by Wed. Oh boy!

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5 in so far, all at Okemo. Yesterday was awesome, actually had some decent terrain open. 31 (count em) 31 trails of glorious eastern hardpack open. Gotta luv it!!

See Ya at Stowe.

Okemo Mtn. Ambassador
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
day 15 today
Do you realize that you already have more days in than probably 30% of the members here? :

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being an instructor. Of course, most of those days were following kids down greens. Only about 5 days teaching blues and blue blacks or free skiing.
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Skied Friday and Saturday. Winter weather here is taking a 10 day departure!
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9 days and counting ...Don't tell the office 5 of which during the week.
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Thursday was to be my first day, but I now have to work as someone was so inconsiderate as to have a new baby girl {6 lbs, 12 ounces, 20 inches, Mom, Dad and Baby doing fine} So I may not be able to ski until January.
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four days at lake louise.....
Exams have forced me to stay in town the last two weekends but i'll be out to kicking horse on friday
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Since October. Saturday was day eight.
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Day 3 at Loveland was last Saturday. The purple beneath my left big toe seems to be dissolving. My new Head Monster i.m.77's are great - the boots, with some 'reshaping', seem to be okay now. Heading up Friday.
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Nov 25 & 26 was training on snud and snocks but got the cobwebs out.
Dec 9 & 10 Great cover, (all snow, no mud, very few rocks) and really pushed it on Sunday.

Ready for Stowe this coming weekend.
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day 4

4 for me
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one for me , local mountain finally. The first run was so strange.
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8 days so far since mid-November. Wish it were more!
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I can't believe nobody gave a big up to Papa Bumpdad.

Congrats on the new addition!

Sounds more and more like a road trip North is where it's at.

Anybody hit Bachelor yet? (I keep hearing the reports from WA, but none from Oregon, yet...oh wait, I think there may have been some Ore. posts a few weeks back, but I ferget).
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Skied yet?

Northern Idaho. Silver Mt. 4 days so far
Lookout Mt. 3 days so far a Big 7 so far.

7 feet on top of Lookout and 6 on top of silver. Had 2 really good powder days at Lookout.
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Windham on Sunday, few people, good snow, bluebird day, 45 degree weather....but man am I out of shape!
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Four solid weekend days of my own pow and gondolas.
Nightskiing not yet open.
Cold evenings of floodlit crud are on their way too!!!
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NO , i havent skied yet ....are you satisfied now ?

1/1-8/1 2007 i have made reservations and i m all pumped and ready to go . Will post vid when i get back , it will be my first time after 6 years .
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Originally Posted by bumpdad View Post
Thursday was to be my first day, but I now have to work as someone was so inconsiderate as to have a new baby girl {6 lbs, 12 ounces, 20 inches, Mom, Dad and Baby doing fine} So I may not be able to ski until January.
Congrats bumpdad! Girls are awesome and will always care for the old man.

Now onto the important stuff...baby girl will be skiing you say by January?! OK Dad, have you considered how will she be outfitted? SKIs, boots, bindings (what is that DIN for 6lbs 12oz?) pass...these are now the real important things. GET TO IT! She will be upset if she can't respond in the affirmative with this thread.
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3 days at Killington so far. One very mediocre day over thanksgiving weekend, and 2 days this past weekend. This past weekend was surprisingly good considering they were CLOSED last Friday and Saturday (Dec 1-2) due to 50 degree weather and rain.They had about 30 trails open, which still felt pretty crowded but was enough to spread people out a bit and keep things from getting too skiied off.

Hoping to get in 2 more full weekends before a 5-day trip to Brighton and Solitude over MLK. Goal this season is 30 days, but might have a hard time hitting it due to a lot of busy weekends over the holidays the crappy early season we've had in the northeast.
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Congratulations bumpdad! Girls are awesome indeed. I have no kids, but love my nieces.

I have only 3 days so far, but things are quickly deteriorating here in Toronto. We have rain and very warm temps for the entier week. What a freaking disaster this weather has become.
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5 days, all at Crystal Mt. The storms just keep coming.
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I have 4 days and 1 night under my belt so far. Dec 1st was my starting day. I was going to head up this weekend but decided to take a weekend off.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Just the simple question. Have you skied yet this year? I finally got out this weekend after being "confined" for the past five months and thought we'd never get here. For me, Kirkwood was limited to two chairs and five official runs, but thanks to a fairly vigorous storm system, there was more skiiable terrain open, and even some mid-shin deep powder.

While the lower mountain was mostly covered, we still have a long way to go to cover the rocks, cliffs and steep lines on the upper mountain. Have you gotten your fix yet? Its going on mid-december.
Wow, I better brag and brag quick. Skied on 14 trails and 5 lifts at Wisp, Maryland on 12/10 under 45 degree temps and blue sky. The snowmakers shall inherit the Earth.
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Four days so far, with the fifth (and first on any natural snow to speak of) coming Thursday. All at Heavenly.
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