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Have you skied yet? (2006 - 2007)

Poll Results: Have you skied yet

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Just the simple question. Have you skied yet this year? I finally got out this weekend after being "confined" for the past five months and thought we'd never get here. For me, Kirkwood was limited to two chairs and five official runs, but thanks to a fairly vigorous storm system, there was more skiiable terrain open, and even some mid-shin deep powder.

While the lower mountain was mostly covered, we still have a long way to go to cover the rocks, cliffs and steep lines on the upper mountain. Have you gotten your fix yet? Its going on mid-december.
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I skiied Cannon yesterday, but it was extremely limited terrain. I was with my daughter, who is a beginning snowboarder, so we stuck to Brookside all day long (bunny slope). Good conditions there, but I heard the other trails were very icy. Fortunately, Brookside is free all season long.
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First day..today. It was only the Poconos but I got on snow.
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as of 12/10/06: day 11 has been clocked. Even though there hasn't been new snow in a while, it was a fun day today anyhow!
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Day three for me. Bristol has a decent amount of terrain open but I hate to think what next week will bring......
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Skied yesterday at Holiday Valley for the first time this year. They had 4 lifts running and about 15 hills. Very good for their day 3. I made my first runs on my reconstructed knee, ACL & MCL. Did not ware a brace. Took it easy but it felt fine. A huge first day for me.
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Two three hour stints at the local hill

One day at Marmot Basin

Two more three hour stints at the local hill

Two days at Kicking Horse

Two more three hour stints at the local hill

Dayam I love skiing. Who needs summer. winter followed by spring and right back into winter would be fine by me.
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Four days so far. With any luck, I'll double it by the end of the week.
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day 15 today
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First day today 12-10 at Sunapee.
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day 1


Today, with SMJ, ice queen and RIskier....and 2 of my 3 kids. Trip report by smj posted tonight, my comments are there.

Epic day at wa wa (not just cause it was day one)

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Nope - not allowed to ski yet......
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Skied at Sugarloaf yesterday. Mostly man made snow, however they did get a 9" dump on Friday. So at times it felt like real snow. Actually, the morning runs were very good conditions. The lower half of the mountain stayed good all day and the upper half got pushed around creating powder bumps with hardpack in between. 12 trails were open with 2,000 vertical feet every run off the Super Quad. Did I mention the crowd. Ya, it was crowded with beginners and intermediates and experts all vying for the sweet spot on the trail. Lots of close calls with fast skiers flying down the trail using little kids as GS gates. (lots of little kids) My legs are feeling it!!
The skiing was good, we just need more of the mountain open to relax the crowd.
Good to be back on the slopes.
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Crystal Mtn, Wa... skied as much as my legs could carry me. Getting a new dump of snow right now.
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Today was day 2 for me at Big Sky.
Felt great! Snow coverage was iffy at best, but hey I'm not complaining I was SKIING!!
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
day 15 today
Do you realize that you already have more days in than probably 30% of the members here? :
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Six days already and 10 days vacation in January!
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I've skied 8 out of the last 10 days at Park City! Not perfect but it's snowing as I type with more weather on the way. It's still early so be thankful for what we have.
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21 days so far - first day Nov 17
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5 days so far and haven't gone at all this week.
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I got my first two days in this weekend. God it feels good to be back on skis.
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Just goes to prove I am indeed one of the last in the Northern Hemisphere to ski.

The three that hate me so far... May you ski in freezing rain that sticks to your goggles.
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Day 12

Only on day twelve. I missed the first week of the season in Washingon state due to class commitments.

Just finished the on snow hiring clinic for my first year teaching. I'm excited about the coming season.
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First post for me here- Mammoth finally got some snow the past 24 hours so I'm chomping at the bit- 7 months w/o skiing is cruel and unusual punishment.
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2 days on the WROD at Taos. Too much other nonsense going on so far this year to make it up to Wolf Creek etc :
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Saturday at Caberfae Peaks!
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Seven days on skis, including Saturday, this weekend, on the bunny slope with my son (his first day skiing The Bowl).

A week ago Saturday I skied knee deep blower (occasionally finding rock underneath). : Today however was "firm" refreeze, help may be on the way.

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I'm right there with you.

I finally went up this weekend.

Drove up to Truckee Friday night. It was off/on rain the whole way. It turned to snow at the pass, which was a good sign (or so I thought). By the time Ir reached my cabin there was a nice dusting on the road and the plows had been out (had to pop it into 4x4 to bust the burm into the driveway).

Sadly, when I got up Saturday all the snow from the night before had turned to slush, ice, and melted away. Nixed skiing and took my new Spatulas to TC Porters to get mounted. Visited all the local shops looking for deals on bindings (contrary to their website, Start Haus is sold out of all last season's bindings...when are folks gonna learn to update their sites?) and skis (didn't find any, unless you're into paying $650 for a pair of new 190cm Explosivs).

Sunday when I woke up there was about 5" of fresh on our deck and in the driveway. I loaded up, drove to TC to grab my boots, and hit Alpine Meadows.

Despite the "storm" from Friday night and Saturday night, coverage around N. Lake Tahoe is grim. The skiing at Alpine was kind of grim, as well. They basically have the terrain lift (Kangaroo), the mid-mountain lift (Roundhouse) and two beginner lifts open. Roundhouse is usually a great lift that gives you access to a bunch of terrain, but sadly the only thing worth riding (unless you like rocks and shrubs) is the one intermediate run to the left as your going up the lift.

I took my first run over by Waterfall, which started out with some great binding deep silky powder, but quickly ended up being a dodge fest between hidden chunks of rock and shrubs. I opted for skiing the shrubs, as they didn't grate the skis like cheddar cheese.

Second run I went underneath the lift. Bad Move. It was a mine field, despite looking like sweet silk. I'd make a turn, then hit a rock, turn, rock, popped outta my skis on the 4th turn after hitting a hidden rock head on. Folks were down all over the run, with one guy nursing a broken arm!

I quickly gave up my zealousness for the more challenging runs and succumbed to the groomer which everybody else was on. Did 4 runs on it and got bored. Skied to my truck (figured I had already turned my Karmas into rock skis, riding them in the parking lot wasn't gonna do much more damage, plus there was enough coverage).

I guess it was an okay first day, but nothing stellar (still kind of reeling that they're now charging full ticket price for such limited terrain). I think I like spring skiing/end of the season much better than beginning of the season. Of course it all depends on the coverage. And Alpine's coverage is pretty sparse (Squaw didn't look much better...I scoped it out on Saturday from the parking lot).

I'm actually starting to believe Al Gore's concern over global warming...

Kirkwood sounded like a better bet with more runs to choose from, though.
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today will by day 9
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Been up 5 times so far this year
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