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Ski swaps near Boston?

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Hi folks,

I think we may be selling our kids' lightly used skis, boots and bindings (Dynastar 08 skis, Marker bindings, and Head boots). The kids have switched over to snowboarding, so they don't use their skis anymore.

I've heard that ski swaps are a good place to get good prices on gear. Where would be the best ones to target near Boston? How does one go about doing this? Are we too late this year, or are there still some left?

Any tips, pointers, etc. would be much appreciated.
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Most I know of occur in October or just before the mountains open in November.
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Thanks, ct. I thought we had probably missed the window for this season. I suppose we could always wait until next fall.

Is a ski swap the best place to sell this kind of stuff? I'd rather not get into shipping, etc. via ebay. Are there other good options?
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The biggest swap I'm aware of is the Wachusett swap which usually occurs Columbus Day weekend in October. The Boston Ski Expo in November has a pretty sizeable event as well.

Swaps are good places to find good deals. Shipping skis isn't cheap, but it's not outrageously expensive either. I've bought and sold a few pairs on Ebay, and shipping has usually come in around $40 or so. The nice thing about Ebay is that the market will determine the sale price of your gear; at swaps, you have to set a price, which might be far less then somebody's willing to pay.
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there are some at mountains also usually in November but you have to check each website. It's a lot of used demo gear and such. Okemo has one I know about as do a number of others.
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