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Metron M:10 v. Fischer AMC 76 v. RX8

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I am level 6 skier, 185 pounds, 32 year old, ski 95% on the East Coast, VT, NJ, NY. I want to improve my skills in this season.

As of 2 weeks ago, I was sure that I will buy Fischer RX8, 170, because they are so good for the East Coast conditions. In meantime, I spoke with other people, including Fischer representative from Hunter (who skis AMC) told me that I shall rather get AMC 76. Now I am completely confused.

I read some posts here and I concluded that RX8 are great on groomed terrain and ice, however not so great in bumps, trees, and and even a foot of powder. AMC 76 fall into all mountain category as M10 that I originally planned to buy and demoed in Killington last year.

I know that I shall demo all 3 one day and then I will know what's what. But first I would love to hear some comments from those who had chance to ski them.

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My buddy and I did the demo thing yesterday at Sugarloaf. More he than I. He skied 6 different skis and liked the Fischers best. He is on straight skis and this was his first experience with shaped skis. He loved the RX9 but the last ski he tried was the AMC79. In watching him, his best turns were on this ski, the AMC79. In the end he liked the AMC79 best.
He tried Volkl's (2 models) and Atomics (2 models) and the 2 fischers mentioned above. He said the Fischers were the best of the bunch.
I tried the RX6 in a short length (didn't like the length).
I also tried the K2 Apache Stryker. I liked this ski. Stable at speeds and I could move them around in the bumps. Nice all mountain ski, as advertised.
Not much help here, but I think in the Fischer line you can not go wrong.
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I own both the RX8 and the AMC 76....and I have a lot of days on both models-in every EC condtion.
IMO, for you to carry out your planned objective...I suggest the RX8 (and I would further suggest trying a 165).

RX8: There are multiple write-ups/reviews on this site regarding how this ski handles-so, I would suggest a search. Length is a personal choice...I am of the belief....when one is trying to develop and hone their skill sets...a smaller ski can be advantageous.

AMC 76: this ski certainly excels in a lot of conditions...it is stronger where the RX8 is weak...and vice versa. The AMC 76's greatest weakness is ice...the ski is a bit of bear to handle..and you can wind up searching for an edge...which is not a desireable trait-especially when one is trying to enhance technique. The AMC 76 requires a more developed pilot than the rx8-to be used to its full potential.(basically, the rx8 has a bigger sweet spot).
In deeper EC conditions and/or glades/trees the AMC 76 is an excellent ride...I can not emphasize how much fun this ski is in its intended habitat!
.....Overall, if most of your skiing is 'on piste' groomed runs with standard EC conditions...I would choose the RX8.....If you mostly ski Jay...go with the AMC 76...

note-I have very limited time on the Atomic M10-so I will not comment
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Thank you for your comments.

It tend to spend most of my time in Killington, Windham, Hunter and PA and NJ.
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If you ski lots of groomed and ice the RX8's are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I ski them in a 165 and I'm 5'10 145 lbs. I choose them over the AMC's last year. As a one ski quiver just an RX8 would be alright but if you can swing it get something else too.
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funny you should ask that question, i was debating between those 3 skis as well and furthermore, i live in nj and frequent the same mountains you do so i have an idea of what your needs are

i own a pair of atomic metron:10 puls ti and if you're a carver like me, you will love these skis. they work well in hard packed snow (which you'll most likely experience in nj and penn) as well as soft snow (vt and ny). the soft tips help to initiate turns and have a beautiful springiness to them due to the puls ti right under the bindings. the metrons are also fatter than the rx8 and amc 76 so you're going to want to go shorter (i normally ride 168 - 170 and the metrons i have are 164)

happy hunting and let me know the results
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I demoed M:10 last year in Killington. I had no problem with handling them on blue and black trails. I don't ski bumps, so I have no idea how they react in bumps. I would not buy M:10 at 164. With my weight 185 I would probably sink in a foot of snow.
I never had a chance to demo any fischer, but it sounds like it's a better choice for the east coast conditions and I will be able to use them on the west coast too.

I look for comments from Level 6/7 skiers who use RX8.
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Me- skinny 5'10" 135- 140 lbs

Skis- RX8 (165), AMC 79 (170)

not much overlap there and makes for a versatile quiver
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fischer rx8

I want to thank all who encouraged me to buy RX8. Finally, I had the chance to test them today at a PA ski resort. I couldn't believe the difference b/w my old Rossi Cobra and RX8. I skied my Bandits for about 1.5h then switched to RX8- they were more stable, did not skid on ice at all, were great in 10 inches of soft snow from last night. I had the feeling that I am able to make really short turns. Before I got RX8, I did not really believe that skis make a difference for those who want to improve. I was wrong- I feel more confident with those skis and feel that I will improve my skills a lot.

I would recommend RX8 to any skier level 6 and up.

P.s. My RX8, 170cm, felt very similar to Metron M:10 that I demoed last year.
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