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Great feedback from a bunch of people here.   Obviously there's a few opinions around this topic!  


Unquestionably, the boot fitter is key.  Whether you go to Surefoot or Joe-Bob's Boot Barn, the fitter needs to be on his/her game.   Do people feel that the America's Best Bootfitters/MasterFit University is reputable designation for bootfitters?   Is there another certified that has different or better standards?  


I called a local shop that was listed by America's Best Bootfitters (bootfitters.com) and asked him about the designation.   He explained that he had been through an 8-hour course and he was then certified.   Another "Master Fitter" had been through an additional 16-hour course.   I'd rather know that someone has successfully fit a 1000 people with boots.  Maybe we need to develop a new certifying authority!

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I've been back and forth all off-season about Surefoot.  This discussion has been extremely helpful.   


Last year tried a local master boot fitter here in MA (SkiStop in Westwood).   The staff there was truly great.   They spent a few hours with me and came to the conclusion that there was nothing in their shop that was going to work for me.  I didn't feel like anything was pushed on me.  In fact I offered the to pay for the service but they wouldn't take my money despite the time the spent with me.  I was told I have the trifecta of tough fitting issues: wide foot, high instep & large calves.   The tech said that with any 2 of those issues, he would be able to make something work.   But with it all three, it would be a problem.  His recommendation was DaleBoots.  To be honest, these make me a bit nervous.  I hate buying a pair of boots that I don't get to try on.   I think they were in the neighborhood of $825.   


Salomon came out with a new series that I tried on at a local shop.  The shell is custom moldable.   Again, this strikes me as a little iffy.   What if the molding doesn't work?  Now I own a pair of $600 boots that don't fit correctly.  



I highlighted and underlined your primary concern----The custom shell boots can be remolded up to 5 times, it would seem that you should be able to come out with a correct fit in those 5 times.  We are also a Fischer dealer and have used their stand to compression mold the Salomon boot with great success.





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Even after the molding, the bootfitters still have their same bag of tricks to do adjustments to the boots; they aren't just limited to just doing molding or no-mold.  

As far as the masterfit stuff;  you can say the same about a lot of certifications.  If they have the certification; at least the bootfitter went through the time cost to get that training, and shows the effort and dedication to become good and learn about the craft.  That's worth something.


There's always the guy with the resume who says just hire me I don't have the cert but I've been doing this for x years.   Why don't you get your cert then?


On the opposite end, there's people like Glen Plake, who despite nobody questioning his skill; goes and gets his PSIA certs.

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I will be visiting SureFoot in Beaver Creek the end of January.  I'll post my results.


My issues:  Size 14, A width, flat foot

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Originally Posted by zudnic View Post

True.  But the advantage with SureFoot, from what I can tell, is that they will continue to work that boot until the problem is solved.  If they can't solve the problem they'll refund your money.   Whereas with the Salomon's, once you plunk done your money and they cook the boots, there's no guarantee that they'll work.   


True on SureFoot and you can go to any SureFoot from Whistler to Sun Valley to Park City and get the boot worked on.  I've had great experience with SureFoot.  Got my first SureFoot in PC.  Skied it that year. Had some issues that Whistler and Sun Valley stores worked on.  Finally the PC store replaced EVERYTHING for free when it just wasn't working out.  The second set were great for 7 years.  Just replaced them.  In my case I found a local fitter who did even better custom fit than SureFoot and used the same foamed liner.  Most places don't do the foamed liner anymore and I'm not sure you can get  real custom fit without it.


Downside on SureFoot is you get the "teen spirit" of the season who's had some training.   In SureFoot's case they have a process that kid is following so if the basic boot fit (liner out fitting) is good, the computer footbed and the foaming should make it work.

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