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Boot fitting question

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I bought a new pair of x-wave 10's and had a ski shop install some "snow" brand footbeds or insoles. They did the heat fitting process which involved removing the footbeds, heating the boots for 15 minutes, reinstalling the footbeds, and having me wear the boots for 15 minutes. The boots felt fine in the shop. I skied them for the first time yesterday and my right foot gave me some problems. The left foot felt great all day. No one has told me that I have different size feet (I have had some one check the length when I tried on boots). The footbed raise the arch up and it felt like my sock had a wrinkle in it at about the middle of my arch on the inside part of my boot. I went inside to fix my sock and there didnt seem to be a wrinkle. After having the boot off for a few minutes I put it back on and it felt better. After about 10 minutes "the wrinkle" came back and my foot started to go numb again. At lunch I put the original flat insole back in and problem went away. The boot felt a tiny bit less responsive than the left but worth the comfort. I was thinking of doing some cutting of the footbeds but wanted to see what the forum thought. I know that once I cut I cant go back. The footbeds were about 60.00 so it not that bad but still a waste. I was reading the package that contained the footbeds and it does mention the possiblity of customization with heat but the ski shop took them out when the heated the liners. Thanks in advance for your help.
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You should take them back where you bought them and have them do them final fixing up. That should be included in your purchase price.
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And there lies the rub... I bought them online. They were last years model and were a great price.
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shame, shame, shame!:

just teasin.
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well then pay for the fitting work. but ounds like the foot bed's arch is a bit too high for your foot...
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I agree with mtnlion. The shop should be able to tweak the footbed, next time don't buy online.
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Bud you are showing your bias, and mine too I guess. Every year I get customers in the store that have purchased for great savings online. Problem is they were tempted by wrong ski size or boot that ends up being to big. by the time I have fixed the problem they have spent more than if they just purchased locally to begin with. Support your local shops and they'll be there when you need them.
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