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How do I fix RUST on ski?

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My Atomic SL11 ski were wet and fully closed w/o ventilation in ski-tube case for 1/2 day, while air-traveling. The last traveling time it was binding squeaking problem... and now this time I see there is rust along the metal edges of the ski; could that be fixed? Thanks.
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Assuming the rust is somewhat superficial, just have the edges sharpened and for storage it is best to use a light coating of oil on the edges of skis to prevent rust.
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A gummi should remove the rust if the edges don't need work.
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When travelling, I try to dry my skis as much as possible before storing them in a bag. Hotel towels are great for this. I then set them base up to try to drain out more water- if I'm rushing from snow to the airport, I'll leave them out of the case for the car ride. Then I run a soft wax down the edges to apply a thin layer. I'll pull them out as soon as I get home to air them out and tune them as soon as possible to minimize the effects of any rust that did happen to form. If I was on salted snow, I also do a few hot scrapes to clean the bases and wipe any residue that I can easily get to off of the bindings.
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Always wipe down your skis after use to keep the edges for rusting. I would not reccomend using oil on your edges to keep them from rusting. The oil will contaminate the bases and will interfere with the abiltity of your bases to accept wax properly. A stone on your next tune up will take the rust off.
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Wipe the edges over with Zardoz Notwax to prevent rusting.
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A scotch brite pad will remove all the rust.
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My Atomic SL11 ski were wet and fully closed w/o ventilation in ski-tube case for 1/2 day
This is just a bit of surface color. Ski it off. If you had rust pits from long term storage, you'd need a sharpening that removes enough material to remove the pits, and probably remove base material to get the bases down to the level of the now-clean edges.

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