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I also took advantage of the backcountry outlet deal and got the Sugar Daddies in 183cm length. Ordered on Tuesday, received them on Thursday (Thanks Santa!).

I am not sure how to have the bindings mounted: Should I use riser plates? Should they be centered or maybe a touch back? I'd appreciate any recommendations.

I have been using my one ski do-it-all AT set up (K2 Shuksans/Dynafit Tri Steps) for both in-bounds and backcountry for the past few years so don't have any recent experince with an alpine rig, especially with skis this wide.

If it matters: I am 5'8" and 185lbs and ski aggressively, but no hucking. I'm in Oregon.
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Lucky you, there is plenty of snow to ride these on in the PNW.
The bindings are basically S914 Salomons (rebranded Atomic). Nice bindings. There is a small white line on the ski that should line up with the boot center. Just have a shop mount boot center to the mark. I haven't heard anything different for these. You can see the mounting specifications for these in the Salomon Shop Manual.

What boots are you using? An AT boot might not be ideal for pushing these around unless it is very stiff.

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I'm using a pair of Alpine boots: Atomics C-11, I think. My AT boots are very comfortable, but I agree that they're not beefy enough for these wider skis. It'll be weird to be skiing in such stiff boots.

I went looking for a shop that would mount Atomic bindings today: no luck. Even though the bindings are Salomons with a different decal, none of the shops I contacted would touch 'em. Not even after an inducement of a 6 pack. Any one know a shop that will mount Atomic bindings in Eugene (preferably) or Portland?
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Wow, a shop REFUSING to mount bindings? Then again, I don't have much experience in these matters... I swear people are afraid of Atomic for some reason.
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I found a shop to mount the Atomic bindings (The Mountain Shop in Portland) and I took the Sugar Daddies out for their maiden voyage on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

The conditions were fabulous at Willamette Pass and I really enjoyed the new boards. They are like riding on rails in the busted up snow and were like magic carpets in the untracked. I was able to get them to turn as quickly as I needed to in the trees and steep runs. I'm glad I went with the 183 length: they are unstoppable and really challenge me to keep them pointed down hill. I couldn't go too fast with them.

Hope you're enjoying yours, blac_vi.
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