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ski boxes

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Anybody has it and thinks it is better then roof top box?

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I don't have it, but it looks quite interesting. I was considering replacing the roof rack with a box. This may be even better. I did notice it is only 179cm wide though.
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too small
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It looks like you will be parking it the "outback or wayback" with that rig sticking out.

For race teams, and this looks like a team or rep rig, not much of an issue because you get there before the sun rises, but just try to get that into a conventional parking spot ..... or out to dinner at night.

How much is the fore/aft balance and traction affected by that steel plate box?

I think you are likley to find your box inacessable at the end of the day with someones hood and bumper (rightly) snugged up to your box.

How much room do you need? Birth control devices are way cheaper than a mega box on a "Bode Bus" ....

.... chrome star plate is always a cosmetic winner in my book .... does it come with the "seated nudie with her hair in the breeze" mudflaps .. or are they optional?
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what happens when you get

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Looks beefy. I know my Subie only has a class 1 hitch, that looks like it would need, or I would want a class 2 at least.

I am happy with my roof box.
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