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Colorado Ticket Discounts

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Did the usual and searched the archived posts for discounts at Vail and Aspen. I am aware of possibilities at King Soopers etc - these seem to be mostly for money off day tickects. I am looking for discounts on week long + tickets as am going to Aspen for 9 days late Feb then Vail resorts for 7. Any leads on any agencies, angles, disocunts etc.

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bounce back

Sorry to bounce the original message back in but please see the inital post - Any leads gratefully accepted.......
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Go to Vail's website and check out the presale ticket prices. You can buy ahead in quantity and save some money. Don't know about Aspen. Search their local newspapers for print out coupons and deals.

Actually, Vail's website will let you pre purchase online a seven day pass for about $420 which is about $20 a day discount. That is about as good as it's going to get without a season pass.
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Another good source is Expedia. Go to, click on activities. When you get to the activities page, select or enter the area you're looking at (Vail, Breck, etc), and you'll see what they have to offer.

Their deals vary, but last year I got 6 day Vail/BC/Breck/Keystone/A-Basin tickets for about 1/2 of what they were on Vail's website. If you buy through them, you receive an online voucher that you print out and present at the resort ticket window in return for your lift tickets.
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