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Down, but not out!!

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A beginner skier ran over my left ski yesterday afternoon at the bottom of Kokomo in the flats while I was attempting to take a photo of a student at the end of the lesson. Left ski came off but the slow twisting fall of my right leg created when my left ski was pulled left caused me a lot of pain in the MCL area.

Patrol was called by the lifties and they made me get in the sled for a trip to the clinic. Initial ER diagnosis is a grade 1 or 2 tear. I'll see my orthopedic surgeon this week for a complete diagnosis. In the meantime it's rice.

Hope it isn't too bad and I can be back on the hill in time for the Rocky Mountain Academy and ESA.

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Augh!!! Keep us posted on your prognosis, and here's hoping it's nothing too serious. Lots of positive vibes heading your way, Bruce!!!!!
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Oh Bong, I'm bummed for you

Hopefully its minor enough that you'll be back on the slopes before long. Something tells me you won't let it get you down.
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Wha---??? Oh, the frustration, I'm hoping your diagnosis is better than you may expect. Get any swelling down and take it easy so you can get back on the slopes with us! Wishing you well---
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et tu bongee

Man....heal dude heal.
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I was skiing about two weeks after my MCL injury. I'm not sure if it's significant, but 5 months later I tore the ACL on the other leg. When you get back, check to see if you are favoring your non-injured leg.

Good luck! This has been a bad year for you!
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Good News,

Just got back from the Ortho, the knee is pretty tight and he diagnosed it as a Grade 1 MCL. I should be back on skis in about 3 weeks and start pt on Thursday.

Actually both knees have been injured, my left one in 2004 and my right one has been treated with Supartz for lack of cartilage so I don't really favor either one. My right leg is actually the stronger of the 2 because of atrophy from my acl injury in 04. I think pt will help me get back on the hill pretty fast.

Thanks for all the good wishes folks, I'll be back stronger than ever soon!!

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Donjoy braces are your friend!!! Glad to hear the good news.
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Oh what a bummer, bong. Heal up soon, man.

MCL seems to be a common instructors' injury when actually teaching (as opposed to free-skiing). Way too many opportunities for a student or fly-by to knock/pull/dogpile you into a slow twister on a crowded slope or unload. I got a grade 1 MCL a couple of seasons ago from a student deciding to grab and fall onto me while getting off the chair, forcing my leg in a direction it wasn't designed to bend. (Yes, I've since learned that when teaching adults, ride the outside of the chair. I was a newbie...)

Similar timeframe as to what LM mentioned - back skiing within about 2 weeks, with a brace. And PT - workers' comp should cover it I'd hope, since you were on duty. Partial knee bends standing on one leg while passing a medicine ball around behind your back while the PT pulls on you in the "bad" direction with a resistance band work wonders. : At least I didn't have to do that on top of a BOSU at the same time (I think I just gave LM an idea...)
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Originally Posted by bong View Post
I should be back on ski's in about 3 weeks and start pt on Thursday.
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Those slow falls are the worst. There's nothing you can do but wait for the tug in your knee as you go down. I've had a few where someone has caught the tail of my ski when I'm in a snowplough, and you just can't do a thing about it. I try to go floppy as I hit the deck, and so far it's worked. Or maybe my ligaments are just stretched!
Glad you'll be back on skis so soon though, that's the best outcome.
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Just saw this Bong. Sad to hear. I hope to see you on the slopes soon!!!!
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On the wings of Mercury comes this message: "Recover with Zeal!"

You're my hero. :
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From the sounds of your posting (Between the lines to be sure) You are already half way back!

Keep having this much fun, and I won't care if we ever ski again!

I can say that 'cause its rainy and 50 freakin degrees here in Vermont.

Drip drip

All the best

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I skied with a brace about ten days after my MCL tear (it was probably against medical advice, but I had a preplanned trip with my brother we'd spent months coordinating. I'd like to say I was young and foolish, but actually I was just foolish.) I found that I had much less trouble skiing than I did walking.

Several suggestions/free advice worth what you pay for it:
1) lots of ibuprofen reduces swelling. And lots of ice in that first 48 hours.
2) go get physical therapy. They get you set up with range of motion exercises, stretching, leg strengthening exercises. And the well equipped ones can use ultrasound (or some darned thing) to stimulate healing.
3) if you know a REALLY good massage person, as you're healing (beyond the initial 96 hours), have them massage the area. I'm told that stimulates blood flow to the area (which will also feel slightly warm to the touch) to stimulate healing.
4) as you heal, pay attention to how you walk. Months after my MCL injury, I finally realized that I had adopted a new walking gate with (hurt leg) toe out (opposite of pigeon toed) while the other toe, as before, went straight. The resulting funky walk made my LCL hurt. I fixed the walking gait and my other pains went away.
5) I wore an elastic knee brace skiing for a while on the hurt knee. I'm not sure it did anything other that make me be constantly aware of the hurt knee and its position and how it was bending in what direction, but that itself was a good thing.
6) If they have you doing stretching exercises for the hurt leg, unless you're very flexible to begin with, do the same stretching exercises for the good leg, or you'll end up with a major flexibility imbalance. (Something like 6 years later I can still stretch one calf more than the other--because I stretched that calf as part of my rehab routine.)
7) After you're all better, consider doing balance exercises. Some report damaged priopreception from having a torn MCL, and they have to work at getting back to where they were.

Good luck, and recover fast. The nice thing about MCLs is that they can grow back, even on a grown up.

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Glad the prognosis seems promising. Good luck and be back on the hill quickly.
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Thanks for all the good advice folks. Had my first pt session today. Electrical stimulation, IT band work, leg raises, extension/flexion stretching, worked on patella flexibility and lots of exercises and stretches fro me to do at hoome. It isn't hurting too much at all now. I should be in pretty good shape by the new year.

I have to be strong to work my new Nordica Dobie SLR's and Mach 3 Powers for the new year. My new Dobie Aggressor 150 boots were tough to get off too. It took 2 people to hold me on the gurney while 2 or 3 folks worked at getting pulling the boot off my foot. I told them the should use a hair dryer to warm up the plastic and make removal easier, but they didn't have one. Glad I didn't have a broken leg, I wouldn't have been able to handle the pain without them cutting the boot off.

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hey Bruce

Katy told me but this is the first time I found this thread. Glad to hear you're on the mend!

Take care and hopefully we can make some turns this winter.

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bong, perhaps you should carry that mini-blowdrier when you ski! :

I need to get one. When you weren't around with it last week, I had a devil of a time getting my boots off!
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Sorry Steve, I took it with me when I brought my boots home last week. I'll leave one in my locker from now on. Jeff suggested I carry a boot tool for the Aggressors in my pocket when I ski so the ER personnel can take the boot apart if needed.

I see the doc again on 1/5/07 and hope he'll give me clearance to get back on the hill then.

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Keep us posted on your progress, Bong!
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Jane says she'll loan you her Copper Mountain puzzle

Originally Posted by bong View Post the bottom of Kokomo in the flats ...
Ugh, I think its a toss-up between that spot and the bottom section of Loverly for the 'Most Likely to be Involved in a (Relatively) Low Speed Collision' at Copper. Jane says to get well soon, because she'll be back in early January. -off topic - - - Is there an instructor there named 'Lyndsey'? All Jane remembers is her pom-pom hat and that she doesn't want any other teacher. 2 years ago she had her first lesson with her at 3.5 and still remembers her. Anyway, get better soon and Happy New Year to everyone at Copper Mountain.
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There is a teacher named Lyndsey, but I haven't seen her yet this year (not that that means a lot! I'm not there all that much...). bong may know her, and you may also want to check in with Tsavo... or just call the desk.
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I haven' found out if Lindsey is still around this year. I'll let you know when I find out. Bring the puzzle next time you come up with her and we'll do it together.

Went to the doc today and found out it was actually classified as a grade 2 tear. He thinks it it 99% healed and gave me the ok to ski, no big bumps or tough stuff yet.

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