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Well I am now 2 days post-op after right knee arthroscopy to repair a torn medial meniscus and medial colateral ligament.

The pain is not too bad (I am not pain is OKAY with me!) but it is very tender to the touch and very swollen. I've been doing the standard: Aleve as needed (none so far), raise the leg, and ice every 20 minutes. The three holes are oozing what remains of the saline to inflate the knee. It is also very itchy around the incisions - very itchy.

As prescribed, I rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes at the lowest possible tension setting and kept the tempo very low. I also did 50 straight leg extensions in all four planes.

I hope to be skiing again by the end of January, but right now there is no way to tell... the knee is stiff and I am guarding, so I cannot tell yet how the recovery will be.