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New IMAX flick-Extreme

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I saw a free showing of the IMAX movie "Extreme" last night.
Ohhhhhh...If you have not seen it and get a chance to, you have to see it! It has some incredible photography of Alaska with some AMAZING skiing and snowboarding (and a bunch of extreme water sports too) It was incredible!!

I want to go heli-skiing!!
Ok, Is that better??

Deep yogic breaths...
~Minker <FONT size="1">

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Um-IMAX Extreme has been out for about a year. Its come and gone at our local IMAX theater. Or is there an Extreme II already?
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I dunno? Whatever it is, it's new to San Francisco. Now I am confused. I'll check into it.
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Yeah, It's been around the block. I saw it on PBS a few months ago (don't remember when). Would've been better on IMAX, for sure.
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yeah schmeah, ok, so it's old. But it was new to me and I LOVED IT!
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I missed it too. Is it playing at Metreon SkiMinker?
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We saw a sneak preview (or so I was told) of it, so I don't know if that was a special showing, since the audience was mostly the adventure and sporting clubs around SF or if it really was a sneak preview and will be playing for a while.
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oh Funston, I didn't think about it last night, but I bet that the elevators at the Metreon are super fast for jumping and catching air!!!
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Yeah-- this IMAX film is quazi-old... I saw it last year.. it made me get warm fuzzy feelings inside of me and I had this HUGE shit-eating grin on my face... dominant outdoor scenes for ANYONE who enjoys chillin' outside....

horray for big mountain shots!
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Good idea SM. I may head over to metreon this week at lunch to catch a showing. Will see if the elevators offer any air opportunities.
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I heard it on the radio this morning!!! Sho'nuf Extreme is now showing at the Metreon IMAX. Definitely one NOT to miss this time around.
here, I looked it up for you Funston

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