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Heluva good birthday!

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I can just barely remember 24!
Hope you have a heluva great birthday!
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Christ, I have skis older than him. Happy Birthday
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Have a Heluva Happy Birthday!
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Wise beyond his years. Happy birthday.
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A child prodigy, you are. Best birthday wishes to you!
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The Old Ones are just jealous of your youthful exuberance.

Happy Birthday!
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Be sure to let us know how that birthday candle wax worked on yer' skis?
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Man there are a lot of old farts around here. Seems like you and I are the only two young bucks to be found.

Happy bithday buddy,,, may your day be filled with ripping slalom turns.
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Happy B-day YOUNG MAN (boy that must feel good, can't remember what YOUNG even means - except for with regards to my wife )

Here, have some balloons for your big day

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Happy Birthday Greg, I'll give you a call later.
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Happy Birthday! Hope the weather is good and you can get out and ski with your friends/family
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! We celebrated in style last night with a formal dinner, open bar event that the unversity here sponsors (where I still have many friends), so we got two 18-person limos, went to that party and then went around downtown buffalo - returning home very late. It was definitely a good night filled with many friends and possibly an equal number of vodka martinis.
Thanks everyone!
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Turning 24 hardly requires congratulations but rock on dude...birthdays are still fun.
I skied on your birthday, which is a perfect celebration of the event. I though of you (not once) as I rolled through boot deep powder. I was really pleased as the powder bumped out that I was STILL ABLE TO BEND MY KNEES! Air was rare :. Anyway, glad your birdthday was fun. May you find yourself among mountains soon.
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