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To Lift or Not to Lift? Binding Advice Needed

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I am an advanced skier 26 years old 6’3”, 230 lbs. All mountain skier, ski most days in VA and WV with the occasional trip West. I bought a pair of the Aztec Pros 185cm that were generating so much buzz on Overstock. Trying to decide on bindings. Pretty sure I am not going to go for the pistons, but trying to decide on whether to lift them or not. I currently ski Rossi RPM 17s, which have a build in lifter and the Looks I have on the have a lifter of their own. With all of that lift I was thinking of having my new bindings mounted flat, but the technician advised against that. What do you guys think about lifting and the positions? Thanks
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to plate or not to plate

I'm in the same boat.
I have Volant McGs. The binding area is raised a couple of mm.
I have Tyrolia FF17+ bindings with a stand hieght of 21 mm.

I was almost at the point of getting the SLR 9 mm plate to mount them on, thinking that it would allow for easy swapping back and forth between these skis and my old SGs. However I see now that I would be screwing the bindings into plastic each time, so that's not really a selling point.

I think 21 mm of lift is probably enough for this ski.
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I just mounted a pair of 8800s with Look P12 lifters. They only have 6mm of lift so it doesn't hurt in the pow but it helps to get the ski on edge. I too thought about mounting them flat, but I couldn't because of the longer screws. If you do decide to mount flat make sure you get the shorter screws because if not you could dimple your bases.
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I too have 8800's with P10's and I used the lifters (6mm) that came with the bindings and I think this ski would be worse off without the lift on the hardpack. I can't say it has hurt the powder performance in anyway, but then again I haven't tried them without.

I think wider skis need some lift to perform on the hardpack. average width skis likely perform okay without lift but I can't think of a good reason not to use some lift to increase lean angle force.

at 80 ish waist of the Aztec Pro I would use some lift.
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I would go with a moderate amount of lift. Look P10 or P12s with the lifters is plenty.

I'm anxious for everyone to compare notes on the Aztecs.
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Defintely lift them, especially skiing in VA/WV. Youll do mostly carving and the lift will help.
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