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how to wax

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I was just wondering what everyone would think would be the best way wax my skis. I will be using hertels super hotsauce. I won't be able to hot wax these myself. My plan was to get them hotwaxed before I leave on a trip then use the super hotsauce while I am out there to wax. I was wondering if it would be alright to just rub on the hotsauce while out there. If anyone has any comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
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If you're going to get your skis tuned before your trip, then you don't really need the hotsauce. Bring it, though. Once you notice the bases getting white after you get some skiing in, then you might want to put some on.

Others may be more familiar with that specific product (I haven't used it myself for years), but if it is like a lot of "cheater waxes," then it is important to spray/spread it evenly and let it dry. The finish should look smooth and matte.

Have a good trip.
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