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05 Agency Tro'it binding

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hey im not a snowboarder but my uncle gave me these bindings brand because he didnt need them but theirs one catch. on one of them the main strap is missing. Is it possible to replace this part? How much could i sell these for? The price tag on the box says 289.99 2005.
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It shouldn't be hard to get a replacement strap. Maybe $20. Chances are you won't get the same strap. So the bindings will be frakenstein bindings. Plus they are 05's. I would think you'll be lucky to get $100 for them. More likely something around $50. That's my opinion though, you might get lucky.
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The Tro'It was the Danny Kass pro model from a few years ago and was a great binding, but there where some problems with them. THe performance was never the issue, the bindings just didn't wear that well, and bolts have to constantly checked.

As far as what you can get for them now, I would say $100.00 would be a good starting point.


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where could i find a replacement strap? Prob some full on snowboard store.
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To find a replacement strap any snowboard/ski shop will carry them. To get the actual Agency strap, your best bet would be to try and contact Agency directly. I tried to find there website but had no luck but I know the company is owned by Vans, so that might be a good start.

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