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07 K2 Seth or 07 Salomon 1080 Guns?

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I'm 5'10" 220. I'm looking for a solid all mountain ski with the focus on off piste riding. I live in Tahoe and normally goto Squaw and Alpine. I will hit the park but want a ski which is better suited to rip up the steap and deep. Also, looking for something that can stand up to the Spring crud. I can get both skis at the same price, for me its between the 179 Seth and the 174 Gun.
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At 220 lbs, even the SV's might turn out to be too soft. If they are the only two you're considering, then SV's.
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I think it is a function on how fast you want to ski. Ski faster - use a stiffer ski. The gun is soft, but easy to turn.

Frankly at 220, you better get all the length you can and you could bend a stiffer ski.

Neither ski is for carving hard pack.

Try a couple of demos to see which one brings a smile to your face.

BTW - There is a lot of chat about dual mount points and macho skiers like to mount their bindings further back. However, with the width of these skis, you get pretty good float now. I prefer a balanced swing weight for the bumps. At 220 though, you could power your turns ok with a back mount by putting your weight over the front of your skis. It is all about what you are used to.

I am an old slow skier, so I use my old PR's. At 185 lbs and 185cm ski, I get lots of stability and easy turning.

I really like the way Skiing Magazine reviewed skis in the Sept 2006 issue:

K2 Seth 130/98/118:
Power 62 - Finesse 38
Speed 3.4 - Turn 2.8
Off Piste 3.0
Softish tips and more sidecut up front (than in back) make for effortless turn initiation. Most testers found it snappy and maneuverable for a big ski - ideal for chutes or tight, steep lines. Gripes - Some testers found the tail stiff and somewhat reluctant to end the turn. Props - the complete package: twin tip versatility, powderworthy dimensions, and hard snow performance. Testers take: "the real deal. Awsome at speed, sweet on hard and soft snow."

Salomon Teneighty Gun 135/101/126:
Power 41 - Finesse 59
Speed 2.8 - Turn 3.2
Off Piste 3.1
This season's Gun is quick, snappy, light and easy to throw around the trees, on steeps, or anywhere that requires quick turns. It scored second-highest in maneuverability. Gripes - Can be overpowered by larger testers. Less stable at higher speeds. Props - Great for lighter skiers wanting a versitile, powder-oriented ski, or for anyone who regularly skis tight trees. Testers Take: "Worked well in all terrain, easy to flex, yet stable."
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Between those two skis i would pick the seth. I would also recommend that you try the volkl mantra and volkl gotama
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Neither ski is suited to "ripping the steep and deep" in the lengths you mention at your size. 188 Gun or 189 Seth would be much better choices. Consider the 186 Dynastar Big Trouble as well.
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