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Hotdog: the movie d/l's?

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Anyone know where I can download, if anywhere, the chinese downhill sequence from Hotdog the movie? If not that, then how about the ballet skiing sequence?
I know its prolly illegal in some way to have them for download but if anyone knows some backalley website (wink wink, nod nod ) I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
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Oh, for god's sake, go rent it at Blockbuster! :
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hey miles,

Didn't it occur to you that since I already know about the scenes I want to d/l, that I must have already seen it somewhere (like when I already rented it at blockbuster)?

I usually dont flame gratuitously (like other members of this forum who may go unamed "*cough*milesb") but I didn't ask where to rent it, I asked where to d/l a segment of it to find a decent wallpaper for windows and enjoy a great skiing scene.

Thanx for the reply though

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OK, sorry. Please don't ask for illegal downloads on this site. Go to Powder for that kind of thing.
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yeah..stealing is illegal.. try gnucleus or kazaa, someone might have it. Otherwise search on google and you might get it.
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