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heart rate monitor to the slopes?

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I got myself a Bios Fitness heart rate monitor in the summer for running (love it!), now thinking of using it up on the slopes. Anyone else done this? Useful?
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That sounds interesting! You could see how fast your heart was beating on a run...or perhaps try to slow down the pace a bit if its running too high. That may help especially for long ski days~all day etc?
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hiking uphill

i did use one for hiking uphill at 11000ft in boots with skis. i wanted to see if i was maxed out. you have to find a place to put it for instant viewing....i put mine thru a strap on the top of a glove.
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I've used mine skiing for curiousity purposes to see how many cals it said I burned skiing all day......it said 1,000+ one day......
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