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Celebrity Skiing

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Yikes! The thihngs we watch when we're not skiing! Just happened to turn on CBS. and they were showing the Celebrity Ski races at Deer Valley.

The way it works, is that they have an olympic caliber skier as captain of a team of actors, most of whom were from TV shows I've never heard of.

Then, at one point, the actor has to "race" one of the pros.

So Tony Danza, who had pulled a major yard sale by skiing with no core stability and being way in the back seat, had to "race" Phil Mahre. I guess he figured there was only so much humiliation he could handle, because he gave Steve Mahre his jacket, helmet and googles, and had him race as "Tony". Mahre starts putting on this fake NYC Italian accent and acting like Danza.

It was a nice comic break from studying !
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Lm, If you think it's funny to watch That on TV you would be laughing twice as hard If you were there in person.I happened to be skiing Deer Valley one day two years ago when they were holding that race.They would come out of the VIP tent waving to the crowd.We kept asking who is that with Billy Kidd or Phil Mahre? There were a lot of so called celebrities That we had never heard of? I have to admit that it took me sometime to drag my wife away from Alex Baldwin.
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Mark just corrected me. It was the actors who were the ski team captains! Must have been hilarious to watch in person!
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It was fun to see all the "silicone" mountains in The Wasatch Mountains.
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I saw Ian Ziering (has he done anything since 90210?) "beat" Phil Mahre. Must have been a 5 second head start -- which is a lot considering I think they later showed Phil racing the course in less than 20 seconds.

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I raced in a couple of celebrity ski races in CO on a friends team. It was great fun, and the closed to the public mixers and meals were wonderful - not because I give a rats butt about all the musicians, movie folks and such . . . no, I was psyched because I was getting to hang with all the ski racers I grew up watching. Doing shots and swapping jokes with Phil Mahre, got to dance with Tamera McKinny - and etc. Fun events!
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These are always great fun to watch. Great chance to do Movement Analysis too.

Once I saw Danza go down and realized he was ok I was on the floor laughing! Especially since his comment at the beginning of the race was that "the best part about losing would be the view from behind" he didn't even get that!. he was all smiles however [img]smile.gif[/img]
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was'nt that hilarious! I do like the fact that when they comment on form, you get to hear corrections about someone who skis more or less like many of us do, as opposed to a pro racer.
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I have to agree with Lisa,
who are these actors??? Hope they act better than they ski.(doubt it)
The event is a huge fundraiser for the local ski team in Park City. Granted, it's fun to watch those who have rarly skied, compete, agaisnt those who use to be the best.

The above comments are mine, not those of my employer.
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I'll tell you one thing, from what I saw of Deer Valley, that's where I want to go next year!
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There actually are a couple of celebs who show up at some of the events that are are extremely strong skiers, but mostly its about silliness and fun! And often its raising $ for good causes.
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Lisamarie; for as much fun as we make of Deer Vally, its really pretty great..
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The buffet at Deer Valley is killer.
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Whenever I am skiing at Park City Mountian Resort and someone ask where the best place is to get lunch? I just point over to Deer Valley.

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