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how tight are boots suppose to be??

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i am debating whether or not to get new shoes, my current langes i tried on yesterday and when i put my foot in it touches the end (at toe part) but once i move my foot around and buckle in only one of my feet just barely touches it. Is this proper fit? it feels a tad tight. Oh and howcome when i go to a bootfitter they alway have a certain order for buckling in?? What is this order??

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Correct shell length is check by standing in the bare shell (no liner), sliding your toes until they just touch the front and measuring the amount of space behind the heel. You should have about 1-2 fingers back there, 1 being a performance fit and 2 being a comfort fit.

If the shell size is too large, or you are in the correct shell size but the boots are too wide, you will be cranking the instep buckle pretty hard, which will result in a pressure point around that buckle and a loss of circulation. A correct-fitting boot does not need to be buckled hard at all. When buckled, the boots should feel equally tight in all areas, and not just under the buckles. They should feel relatively tight without even having to do them up. The buckles should mostly do the job of closing the shell around you foot, not tightening the shell.

In terms of order of buckling, there are many versions out there, but the common idea is to have the heel seated properly in the boot. I usually start with the lower ankle buckle, followed by the upper ankle and power strap. Then, I stand up and flex, and then do the instep buckle followed by the toe buckle.
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From your description it sounds like you have a good fit. Buckling the boot moves the foot into the heel pocket and takes the pressure off the toes. I'd hate to ski with my toes mashed against the end, but a minimum of room, a tad on the tight side sounds good.

Buckel in any order that feels good to you. I typically get the toe and instep buckle fist followed by the top which pulls the second buckle to where I can lock and load. The order for me is dictated by ...I can't close certain buckles until others have been latched.
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Sounds o.k. Just remember to cut your toenails short.
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thnx DC, i guess i'm good for this season then.. HEY GHOST AR U GOING TO BLUE THIS WEEKEND???? they got pounded by snowsqualls for 2 days... i'm going sunday... FIRST DAY OF SEASONN!!!!!!!
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Commitments both days. The website says 2 runs open http://www.bluemountain.ca/conditions_snow_report.htm It might be a bit crowded.
Instead I think I'll take my kid to the local speed-bump for a couple of hours.
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