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7 Springs Opens For Season

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Friday 9AM the season at the Springs started. The 6-8 inch snow fall hoped for Thursday night turned into 2 inches. Snowmaking left nice cover and conditions on Stowe and Wagner. Guns running hard on Tyrol and Avalanche. Tyrol needs groomed as it slabbed up very quickly. Can't be 100% about Avalanche because the visibility with the snow making made vision clarity about the same as a "milk bottle" . Left at Noon and it was still cold(12degrees) and snowmaking no doubt will continue through the afternoon and through the night. Weekend will provide very good skiing , but only on the front side. Unfortunately, temps predicted to begin moderating next week so I wouldn't think that bodes well for getting North Face and the backside ready soon. Hopefully not a return to "Indian Summer".

The cafeteria in the Skiers Lodge is being remodeled and won't be open this weekend I was told. Skied about 20 runs , felt great to be back on snow, and it would appear the new ownership continues the commitment to snowmaking.
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Hope to see you up there in the next couple weeks.
mmmm, machine snow. Wow.
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hopefully new ownership will put in a high-speed lift on the back next year! thanks for the report.
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Believe it or not the high speed 6 seat lift on the back side is a done deal. Down payment made. It will cost $3.2 million and will replace the farthest lift over which I believe is Gunner. Construction will start this spring and it will be ready next season. Seven Springs will be bringing in some chairs for display that will be used with this lift over Christmas. I'm stoked about the new lift but not the current long range weather forecast. No more snowmaking is scheduled until 12/22. Its going to be too warm, but doesn't look like alot of rain.
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