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Deleting attachments

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Trying to upload a new picture in a thread, but need to delete some older ones 1st. HOWWW?
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Ask me. Send a PM with a link to the post you want to modify, and any attachments or links to photos you want to inser, and I'll take care of it. Editing is restricted to about an hour, so if that time is passed, you can ask any mod.
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Thanks Cirque, but there's minimal storage allowed for attachments and it would seem no way to delete them from old posts if you've reached the limit and want to upload something new.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, and if I'm not I would like to suggest a way be found to delete attachments from old posts.

Thanks for the help!
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When you go to the user CP you should see selection boxes on the right side. select the attachments you want to delete and take that action using the menu at the bottom. At least that's what I see. YMMV.

A better idea frankly is not to use Epic attachments, but instead host pictures at a free picture hosting site. You will be allowed much larger photos and are practically unlimited for how many you can host. Then copy the image location into between [IMG tags.

I host many photos at www.photobucket.com where I opened a free account. When I want to insert them, I just paste the link with IMG tags and voila:

We are working on increasing the storage for supporters to host a gallery of pictures. Look for some improvements in that soon. It may be time to talk with dchan about revisiting the filesize and attachment numbers. They are pretty restrictive.

I have been able to host some fairly good sized attachments here at Epic in spite of the file size limits. The following is a 55 kb file (click to see full size):
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No select boxes and no menu at bottom.
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A perfect example of what I see is different from you:

I will post the question to dchan.
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I get the same thing Comprex does and thanks for working on it Cirque.
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Looks like we are working to increase the space for supporters. ssh likes the idea; still waiting for dchan to chip in. Hey, I think he is skiing
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I think this is really good news for supporters. Look for major improvements soon:

Originally Posted by dchan
Currently the limit is 1Mb. I agree, Let's bump it up to 10Mb of storage..

As long as we keep the limit on actual attachment size I think we will be OK.
Looking forward, Sometime next spring I'm looking at installing a terabyte of high speed storage with a Gigabit connection between the servers. I don't know how much will be dedicated to Epic. I think at that point we would eliminate "attachments" and have supporters actually upload their images and documents directly to the storage device and link to them rather than use the attachment feature. This would save on database storage and overhead for the forum software.

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I've bumped it to 10MB for Supporters, so you guys should be able to add more.

Also, after finally reading this thread (been swamped elsewhere!), I'll see if I can figure out how to give Supporters control over their attachments.
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I've tweaked a setting so that you should be able to delete attachments now. However, you also have 10x the space for them and we're working on additional storage so we can eliminate (or greatly expand) this limitation, as well.
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