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Sx 10

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I'm currently on the SX9 in a 158, and I've found a good deal on some 05 SX10's in a 160 that I'm thinking about upgrading to.

Does anyone know if there is a significant performance difference between the 9 and 10?
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At first hello everybody!!! I'm from Poland, country in Middle-East Europe. I ski on atomic sx11 from season 05/06. It's a very good ski and I donate it to everybody

I think the diffrences are as significant as you can feel them on snow. Sx10 is dedicate to more experienced skiers and have also b5 system, which made racing more comfortable. I think mates from community will say you more about divides between this two types of ski...

I have also a question. Could you tell me the prizes of new Atomic SX series in U.S.A. or Canada (I think about sx b5, sx 12bp, sx 10)??? I will be very glad to know

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SX 10's can be had in Western Canada for

Used 165 cm $450 with Demo bindings. Search and you could find alot cheaper.

Used 160 cm but at retail store $699 with Naxo bindings

New 165 cm with Naxo bindings with deal at retail store $899

Brand new 165 cm retail no discount $1200 - 1300 with bindings.

All prices are Canadian, All prices I have seen with my own eyes.
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Not sure about the sx9, but I bought my first pair of SX10's a few weeks back and love them for hardpack. I am a big guy, and they perform like a champ for me.

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