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Cheap Bastard Ski Selection Question

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My K2 Axis XP's got nipped last year (188's) and I'm looking for some new (to me) skiis. I'm on a budget, so I'm going used.

Here's the givens:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200lb
Been skiing for 38 years now, since I was 3 (#%*&!! - I'm gettin old)
I live in Grand County, CO and typically ski between 20 and 100 days a year (depends on conditions, work, kids and wife )
Favorite Run: Mary Jane - Pine Cliffs to the weather station, popping out for a couple of high speed turns on Sleeper.
Second Favorite Run: High Speed GS turns wherever I can get em.

The all mountain skiis are just too pricy for me now and I'm really looking for some cheap fun.

I'm looking at Volkl P60 GC (Race) 185 or shorter
K2 Mach GS 188 or shorter
Volkl 5 or 6 star

Basically I'm looking used under or at $200

Anyone got good advice on the skiis I've listed here or other recommends? Any cheap all-mountain screamers out there?
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You don't need used. Check out http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2....ROD_ID=2038828

There are some 12% off new customer or $20 off $150+ coupon codes out there (Google it).

Pair these up with some Look PX12 bindings that can be found pretty cheap online. You will be a tad over $200 but pretty close.

These aren't the stiff carvers that you list but I hear they are pretty able. I haven't mounted mine up yet, still waiting for the bindings to arrive.
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You may want to look at some twin twips. Similar charactersitics to an all-mountain but traditioanlly less expensive. The K2 Public enemy is several hundred $'s cheaper than the Recon but similar dimensions. Or look at the Dynastar Trouble Maker, similar to the Legend 8000. Or look for a used pair of Rossi B2's. Should be lots of those hanging around on e-bay. Maybe even look for some of the old Nordica GS skis too. You could probably even find a nice pair of Axis XP's out there too. Do a search and see what comes up on Google or MSN.
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A bunch of shops in my area have what I call their "graveyard of old skis". They usually still have the sticker price on them from when they were new, but most of the shops want to get rid of them, especially if they are 3-6 years old.

I found some Dynastar 4X4 flames at one shop. The sticker was $700. The guy told me he'd take $200. Then 10-minutes later, while I was still rummaging through the other skis in his graveyard he said "$150".

I'm sure you've got some shops like that near you.
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Here's a shop in Truckee, CA that has cheap racing oriented skis:


Look at the K2s and Salomons as they have some under $200
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Yeah, I've got a pair of 4x4 flames that I picked up last season used to get me by. I'm looking for something with a little more oomph. The 4x4s don't seem as stable at speed and they definately aren't as nimble in the trees as the xp's were.

Anybody skiing p60 GC's as an all mountain? I've got a good line on a pair. Also the k2 mach gs.....

beuler... beuler... beuler....
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