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Mounting Hotronic Battery Packs

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I bought the wife and I the power plus 3.5 footwarmers last spring. looking for the best way to attach these to our boots. I have the screw on brackets but would probably prefer not to have to drill holes in our boots. The strap brackets look good but I am unsure whether the ones they are currently selling will work with the 3.5 since they changed to the m4. The battery packs look like they are a differnt size. Does anybody have any experience with these? What is the best way to mount them. Will they be secure enough to just use the attached wire mounting or do I need additional brackets. They seem to fit on my straps ok but my wifes boot straps are quite a bit narrower and don't seem to be as secure. Whats the best position front back or side?
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Check with a dealer for the new power strap mounting bracket. There is a new design which yields a much improved and very secure mount onto the power strap. The clip adjustes to the size of the strap, locks on well and the battery locks securely onto the strap. This is the best mount I have seen. The problem with mounting on the back of the shell is that chair lifts tend to hit the battery. Strap mounting on the outside (buckle-side) of the boot is much better and the new-style clip is terrific. The only draw-back is that, depending on the position of the battery, you may need to loosen the strap to adjust the top buckle.

Def. check out this new clip system.
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Thread the strap through the two wires on the clip so it can't come off. My wife lost one just clipping it on. The rear mount bangs chairlifts so it is not that great.

If the boot strap is really wimpy, home depot has big fat velcro straps. Thread it through the clip and wear it just above the boot.
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I'd be curious to know if it's feasible to install hotronics on a Dobermann 150, since you have to take the liner out to put the boot on. I use boot gloves with mine, but I'd rather forgo the hassle and just put heaters in eventually. I'd worry about the cable twisting or breaking while inserting the liner+foot into the shell.
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I run Hotronics on Dobie 150s. Its fine. Just make sure you remember to unplug before you pull your foot out of the shell.
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