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Whistler/Best Skis

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I am lucky I get to go to Whistler this year and ski.Last years I skied 68 days and taught at Elk Mountain in PA. This year I am in Vancouver.Last year I skied on 170 Head XRC 800's. This year I am thinking if Fisher AMC 76 Titans for Whistler. I am open to suggestion, I want to explore the park all season and try to get in 30 days.

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From 68 down to 30 days? That kinda hurts

Ummmm....Volkl Dogen or Karma (both park skis, but Karma's wider). Blizzard Shock Therapy, Head Mojo 80 or 90. 90 if you're going to spend more time on the mountain, 80 if you're spending more time in the park. The 90 is a REALLY nice ski - like butter baby.

Maybe the Elan M02 Rail....

Have fun!

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What about the Elan Magfire12?
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I was up at Whistler last January (record snow)and I was using the Atomic M-Ex in a 175cm with a 84 mid I definetly could have used fatter. I went catsking and the fattest ski (demo)I could get was the Rossi B-4 and it was just okay . The amc 76 in my opinion is the minumum demension I would go there with. Look for something all mtn like the atomic Snoop daddy 88mid or for Pow the sugar daddy 99mid, all mtn Volkl AC4 82mid,Mantra 94mid for more Pow go Gotama 105mid. Those would be my personel suggestions look for the One ski quiver type skis from the Various Mfg'sas a starting point. Whistler is just awsome enjoy, I am going next Thursday still taking my Mex's
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If you want to ride the park as well as explore the BC at Whistler, think about a nice wide ski with some side-cut. Dynastar Big Trouble in a 176CM (92mm underfoot). Or the Volkl Karma is another good choice. K2 Public enemy is another choice. I saw a lot of those at Whistler this past winter.
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The Dynastar Big Trouble is a wonderful ski for quite varied conditions. I picked up some a couple of weeks ago and found them to be really good in powder, crud and even on the groomed. I haven't had them in icy conditions but that's not typical for out West. Highly recommended.
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