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'03-'04 Skis w/waists over 90-mm

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I have noticed that anything over 90-mm in the waist seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. While some dispute that a 70-mm waist is plenty wide enough, I love the way my fatties ride and glide in just about any condition. With that being the case I was sitting here and pondering how big the over 90-mm club will be for the skis of the coming season. Here is what I have come up with. Please add any that I have missed out on, so I and others who love obese skis can add them to the demo list!

K2 Seth Pistol (95-mm) - Personal favorite...so far.
K2 Big Kahuna (108-mm)
Sallie Pocket Rocket (90-mm)
Rossi XXX (94-mm)
Rossi Scratch BC (90-mm)
Atomic Sugar Daddy (99-mm)
Atomic Big Daddy (107-mm)
Volkl Gotama (95-mm)
Fischer Big Stix 106 (106-mm)
Head Monster 103 (103-mm)
Nordica Beast 92 (92-mm)
Stockli Stormrider DP (91-mm)
Kneissl Tanker (93-mm)

Any more that matter?
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It think the gotima is 105 at the waist. I'm not sure if the Explosive is going to stick around but thats 95 at the waist
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I agree, the best fat skis rock just about everywhere except maybe solid ice, and even then they're not bad if your edges are sharp.
Also next year the Volant Chubb is coming back with a 94 waist
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volant chubb and Fat bastard (stiffer chubb)
spatula (130 under foot)
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Line Mothership (97)
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The big ski this year at Bridger was the Dynastar Inspired by Nobis. It just misses the cut with a 89 mm waste, but is worth trying anyway.
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laseranimal et. al.

The full-figured Gotama is 130-105-122; while the Explosiv returns at a svelte 120-95-112. But both of these babies make the G4's & AX4's look super-model skinny at 118-83-106.

Rubens would be thrilled . . . Peter Paul, not Barrichello.

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Add the often forgotten Blizzard line. They are supplementing their Titan 8.2 with a 9.2 next year. 92mm waist with traditional sidewalls and a fair amount of shape for skis this wide.
Blizzard Skis

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Head Madtrix Mojo-90mm
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Volkl Sanouk.
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Another Sick Powder Shtick
Drakeboinay: new custom made skis see www.dbskis.com
Tabla Rasa 142.118.125 x 185
Surreal 125.94.112 x 193
Atomic Heli Stars 135.115.125 x 190
Big Kahuna 138.110.125 x 189
Igneous FFF 145.118.125 (Custom made skis by Jackson Hole based company that went out of business.)
Bandit XXXX 130.110.120 x 196 (not sure about dimensions)
B4 (dimensions?)
Or, get yourself some monoskis and ski them as a pair!
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