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Ski ?

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Hi everyone,

I have a few questions. I have had a 10 year hiatus from skiing and know very little about shape skis. I am 34 yo, 6' and 235#. When I stopped skiing I had skied 14 years and was an intermediate/advandce skier. I ski mainly in WA. I cannot afford new skis . I am looking at skis and bindings 2-4 years old or more. My last pair of skis was 95' K2 5500 triaxials in 195cm. I have tender knees so bump skiing is out for now. Will I have to relearn skiing with shape skis or are they similar to straight skis technique wise? I am currently looking at the Atomic Metron M9(2005 model), Atomic beta carve 9-18, Dynastar Intuitiv 74. Would these be good choices for me? What lengths? Any other suggestions in 2 - 4 year old skis and bindings? I think that is it for now.


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The M9 and Intuitiv 74 would be nice, probably in the 175-180 range. You might also try to find a Fischer RX8 or RX9.

While you can ski them the same, getting some guidance on skiing better on the new gear will make them even more fun. Checking the Technique forum here might help...
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Thanks Steve!
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Would the older Dynastar Skicross 9's be a good choice also?
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I t might be a bit soft for someone of your weight. If you consider it, go with the 178cm. The aforementioned RX9 would probably be a great choice given its not too severe sidecut. AS someone coming off straight skis, this would make your learning transition go a lot faster.
Don't worry however, 14 years of experience will help and the newer skis make it easier not harder. Take a lesson or two just to get some tips on the techniques you'll need to adopt. ENJOY!
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I purchased the 04' Dynastar SC 10's in 178cm length.
I look forward to getting on them in the next week!

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