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Boot flex?

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I'm pretty new to skiing.. well to skiing gear at least. I'm looking to buy new boots in a week or so, but am confused with boot flex parameter, what does it really represent and how is it measured, I noticed that more expensive boots have larger values for flex, but that about all I could figure out.

I guess it can be either proportional to max angle boot is able to lean for forward or it can be how stiff boot is. So I'd greatly appreciate if someone could fill me in on the subject.

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Flex Index is a stiffness rating that is used to compare the stiffness of boots WITHIN the same brand. Flex ratings are brand specific.

Buy boots based on fit first and performance level second, the flex will sort itself out.
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Thank you so much.. I was beating my self with it this days.. Also I'm guessing the greater flex rating the stiffer the boot is.. right?
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That's right - higher flex index means stiffer boot
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true, but one company's 110 flex is another's 130 and yet another company's 90. The numbers are relative only within one company
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Ok, I'm fairly aggressive skier 6'4" 188lbs I'd say advanced intermediate currently skiing on atomic izor 9:7, I was planing on buying atomic m90 boots, they are pretty much as expensive as I can afford, and was wondering would that atomics flex 90 be right for me, or maybe too soft because I've seen that whenever is flex mentioned some higher value is recommended.

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Imho, 90 IS too soft for you.
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