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The Joys of skiing

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Here in the East, We are given few small consideration regarding snow and conditions in the early season.

Sunday was an example of some of these joys as the snow fell and the wind filled in the tracks to provide for some great moments. The nasty part of the weather was just enough to discourage the less bold and so allow some fine lines for those out hunting.

Even more to the point,
As a patroller it is the questionable "responsibility" to open runs and terrain as it becomes skiable. Yesterday afternoon, as I was reaching through snow encrusted tree branches and underbrush trying to undo the rope to open one such run, a small group of skiers collected at the trail opening eager to sample the "untracked" below. Their calls to me in inquiry regarding the open status was answered, as my arm lifted the yet undone rope to allow them to ski under.

The were off in a shot.

The smiles of appreciation, as if it were a gift, with the whoops of glee and abandon remain a pleasant memory.

Then, not two minutes after the first group departed, another bunch gathered at the trail head with the same anticipation. Now, as I coiled the rope in my hands to stow it, I called and invited them in to sample the goods before them. The pleasure and feeling of good fortune was palatable.

With those ahead now out of sight over the knolls and ridges, I started my descent, crossing several tracks but mostly staying in the soft snow breaking at my knees .


At the runout, I caught up to one of the gals of the second group. Stopping to share the enthusiasm, I found that she had perhaps bit off more than someone six months off an ACL reconstruction might have choosen. Our smiles were not to be denied, and she admitted there was much to be appreciated. I skied off as she waited for her partner to pick himself out of the shallow snow hole he was grinning from.

It took some defensive explaining to the hill chief of why it took so long to open a single trail.

It was worth it! For I had taken two runs before the ropes were drawn!

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Good for you Cal G, you lucky . . . . duck; I am green with envy.
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I was in upstate NY for the Thanksgiving getting dumped on by lake effect snow....I was a happy camper....only I didn't have my gear, or the time to hit the slopes in VT on my way home.

I am dying to get out there, though, and will probably head up this weekend. Haven't decided where yet, but I'm grinning just thinking about it !!

CalG, where do you patrol in So. VT?
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If that was at Okemo, than self and Yuki Jr. are gonna be vewwey, vewwey, mad cause we missed it. But, looking at some of the tracks put down by some of the poachers on runs that looked great from the chair revealed some mighty great turns and than a big scrape over the raw granite........ OUCH!

We were cold at the top in that wind ..... but our teeth froze because we were grinning!
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