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Naxo & Gotama Question

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Hey All,

I mounted a set of Naxo NX21 bindings on my new 176cm Gotamas. First day on the slopes on Monday, they felt a bit strange. I felt like I was right over the front end of the ski. The shop mounted them halfway between FS and FR which seems about right. And I'm pretty sure 176cm is the right length for me - I'm 5'6" 158lbs.

For those that have skied touring bindings, do you get used to the stack height?

Probably just requires getting used to them.
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Used to it? I can't stand skiing without it!
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Surprised the shop mounted them where they did, halfway in-between the two marks.

Refer to my posts #30 and #53 here http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=36649

The forward mark is the "Freestyle" mark - landing switch (right, with Naxo's?) and being predominantly in the park, while the rear mark is the "Freeride" mark, having the ski ride like a regular ski. Can you land switch with the binding mounted all the way back? Of course. But the ski skis more like last year's Gotama, an Explosiv, or a G4/AX4, or skis "bigger" with the binding mounted at the rear mark.

The ski seems to be the right length and yes, you probably have to get used to the stack height.

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Harkin - Thanks for the post. I may go 1cm up from FR, but that is excellent advice. Only rarely do I land switch, so I should be fine. Regarding the stack height, I will suck it up and get used to it.
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If you are going to move back, go all the back to the FR line.
Also, the gotama skis fairly short. If you can check out a 183
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04/05 Gotama 183 /w NX01, 5'9" 150lbs aggro
I mounted them as indicated (there weren't two marks then). That is the right place to mount it, maybe even back from there with NX21 + alpine boots.
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Have you had any issues with uses alpine boots in the AT binders?
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No boot binding issues apart from the annoyance of adjusting toe height and forward pressure when switchin between my AT and alpine boots.

Oh yea... and stack height SUCKS but there is nothing you can do but get as used to it as you can. (unless you wannt to use dynafits or trekkers)
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