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The best place to visit?

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Hi guys, We are two English couples re-visiting Colorado. We're ski-ing Winter Park & Copper, late January, a week in each. Guys are fairly decent, and are up for most things, girls enjoy themselves, but are more likely to spend the afternoon at the spa! Seeing as we are so close to other major resorts whilst in Copper, I was wondering what the best place was to visit for a day. Basically, something for everyone, how to get there, lift ticket rates, etc. It will be midweek, and the girls will ski all day! We skied Steamboat 2004 and had a great time!
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Two weeks is a lot of time for the less avid women to devote to a ski trip. The men in this group are fortunate to have faithful companions. While in the Copper Mtn area you should not miss a day at Vail (if you haven't been there before). It is less than an hour away and is surely one of the top ski "resort destinations" in the US with fine ski terrain and a great (if expensive) town for all to stroll and enjoy. Breckenridge is even closer to Copper and also features an interesting and historic town at the base of its slopes. The Peak 9 section of Breckenridge is renowned for long, easy beginner ski runs.
Winter Park is a fine ski area, sort of off by itself, but has a town a mile or two from the ski area that you could explore after hours.
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Thanks Jamesj,

That might have come across a bit wrong! The girls do have a great time too!

I appreciate your advice, and will certainly bear both Vail & Breck in mind,

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Since no locals spoke up, here are a few more comments, sorry if this is obvious from your last trip to Colorado:
I am assuming you will hire a car for the whole time you are in Colorado. You won't need it for several days at a time, but it is the cheapest way to get a group of four from Denver to WP and then to Copper. Late January is generally a good time to avoid large crowds, it might be cold though, but also snowy. A car may suffice, but if you don't want to take a chance get a four wheel drive SUV. There is a significant and often snowy mountain pass (Berthoud) that you must travel over to and from Winter Park.
The Sunspot restaurant is a nice place to eat lunch high on the mountain at Winter Park. The Mary Jane section of Winter Park has some of the best steep mogul runs in Colorado.
Both WP and Copper have a nice variety of terrain for all levels.
Silverthorne is a small town/commercial area about ten miles east of Copper Mtn on Interstate 70. It has an "outlet" shopping district, which means pretty good prices for buying gifts, souvenirs, or forgotten necessities.
Believe you can take a free shuttle bus from Copper to go to Breckenridge for a day of skiing or drive your car. Believe you will have to drive your car to visit Vail. You will likely have to pay $10-20 visitors fee per day to park your car at either.

Use search function here to get much more detailed info.
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Sutts, welcome to Epic! I agree w/Jamesj, if you're in the area, a visit to Vail would be good for skiers and spa-ers alike. Also, if your dates are very late in January, consider joining the Let's Go Colorado 2.5 group. You could ski with some pretty darn good skiers, see 3 different mountains, and have a lot of fun doing it too. The information is available in the Meet on the Hill forum, with any luck, at this link: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=43748

For a better description of what LGC is all about you can skim this thread from last season's adventure http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=37635 Pictures start on Page 8!
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Thanks for replying guys. How it generally works when us Brits come to the U.S, is that a package deal is so much cheaper.

This normally involves our bus transfers (In this case, from Denver to W.P, then on to Copper for our second week) we can rent a 4X4, but they tend to really load us on the insurance. Also, we like to have a few drinks whilst out in the evenings (and slopeside!) so we would end up drawing lots for who's to drive back! Because of all this, we use the free buses in the evening.

We went to Banff last year, and day trips to Panorama and Kicking Horse were basically the lift pass and a few dollars for transport, we found this to be a good deal.

Many thanks for your help, I will check out Vail & Breck, you guys are so lucky to live so close to ski areas and to be able to ski most weekends I guess. This is why we take a two week vacation, because for a lot of us it's our only ski break!!

Thanks again,

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