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Last minute spure of the moment trip to the Olympics - Help!

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Looks like we are going to load in the car and drive out to the Olympics Friday through Monday! Now I need some help from you locals on what to do. Thinking of skiing Alta on Sunday. Will be staying in Ogden. What do we need to know? Thinking of just trying to soak up as much of the Olympic experience as possible during Saturday. I saw that there is Alpine Men's Slalom at Deer Valley at 10am on Saturday, any advice at how to get into the event, it's sold out, or am I just dreaming at this point? (Scalpers)

What should we do on Saturday, go to Park City and check out the Olympic happenings? Down town Olympic Square? I read it doesn't open till 11:00 am and you may need a ticket? Olympic Square is closed at night unless you have tickets to something? Wondering which would be the better experience since with drive time and all will probably only be able to do one or the other.

We might get in early enough Friday night to hit something in SLC, anything come to mind?

Thanks in advance.

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You should have no problem getting to Alta from Ogden. It's north of SLC there for your going aginst traffic headed to Ogden for any events.
Sorry to say the event at Deer Valley is sold out ( scalpers asking for huge amounts of $$ for tickets)
There is no parking in the Deer Valley/ City area. You have to park your car at a park n ride 8 miles east of town, and be bussed in. Theres busses to and from town every 15 minutes. Don't venture to the lower mtn at DV you have to go thur security checks, and the lines there can be up to 45 min. long.
If you do drive into Park City on Saturday, theres free parking at Mid Mountian Deer Valley aka Silver lake Villege. But get there early (8am) You can get breakfest in Silver Lake Lodge.
No worries about being lift lines, causethere haven't been any for almost a month, at any Utah Resort.
Yes stay and enjoy the Olympic feeling in Park City. They have closed Main Street for 5 blocks, and it's a huge party.
Downtown SLC has the party atmoshere as well.
Blocks and streets are closed to traffic as well. And yes beleiv it or not you can drink an open beer on the street without being hassled.( yes hell has frozen over )
Enjoy your road trip here. SLC/ PC feel like a differant world.
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Have a great trip, the atmosphere is here, and its good!

Alta from Ogden. I-15 South to 215 East, Exit 6, follow the signs to Alta.

Park City is great right now, but get there early. Downtown SLC is also great, lots to do. Just start walking. Parking is not as bad as you would think.

Scalping is legal in Utah, just go to a scalpers booth in downtown, or show up early to the event. Tickets can be pricy, but they will deal. Also, people have had extra ticket that they have sold for just over face value at the event. I sold two Men's Moguls tickets at the event for $55 each. Deals can be had.
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Looked around town today, getting ready for skiing the week. Canyons looks completely open. PCMR has limited parking but looks like if I'm early, which I always am, I can get a parking place. DV looked the worst for parking. Looks like it'll be some time before the lot's clear. Never parked mid-mountain before. Will there be parking there or anywhere this week. Also do they have lockers or other facilities there. Always parked in the lower lot before but doesn't look good now. Also, do you think any of that will be out of there this week for parking in the lower area. Any inside tips? Thanks, BobT
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I just talked to my Dept. Manager, and he says there is parking at the lower lodge,(Snow Park Lodge) but it's in lots 5,6 and 7,about 3 blocks to the north. There may or may not be a tram running. You can ask the Parking Lot Attendents, when you pull in.
Hope this helps.
Btw I can be found at Burns/ Snoflake on Tue- Wed. Northside on Sat-Sun, and Monday wherever. Find a patroler, and they call me on the radio. Enjoy your stay. It should be pretty mellow this week. : : :
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