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New Pants

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I pulled the trigger and purchased a Patagonia White Cloud jacket. I really liked the fit and feel and the jacket should be good for layering.

I figure I should get a new pair of pants while I am at it, so I am looking for suggestions on pants. I have two pairs in mind at this time the Patagonia Primo and the Cloudveil RBK. If anyone has any pros or cons on the above pants please share them. If you have any other suggestions that would be great as well.
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The fit on Patagonia pants is slim- I've found it to be much moreso than Marmot or Arc'teryx. They have a tendency to ride up and be a bit snug in the crotch, especially on the chair. Look into both the Marmot Randonee and and Arc'teryx Minuteman in addition to the two you've already mentioned.
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Any feedback on the Minuteman pants by Arcteryx? It looks like there waist can have some adjustment, to them. Also do you know if they run true to size as the medium is showing a 33" waist and the large is showing a 36" waist and I fall inbetween.
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