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What ski goes on what foot! Please Help!

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: I am new here and have enjoyed reading your posts for the past couple of weeks. But anyways here goes, I bought a new pair of Atomic SX=10 last years model. They are green and blue and are shaped skis. My question is should you always put the same ski on your right leg, and the same ski on your left leg? I've been skiing for years and recently moved further up North. So my old ski shop always put A huge R for right leg and the other ski was for the left leg. Does it matter with Atomic SX=10, because there is no sticker to tell which ski goes where? Skied them all last year and no problems but always wondered if it did. Because it makes sense to me that each shaped ski is exactly the same so it shouldn't matter or mess up my skiing right. I just want to find out the logistics of this matter please help! Thank you very much, your local unemployed ski bum!:
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No it does not matter at all which ski goes on which foot.
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thank you
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Drop. Ski.
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The technical, by the book answer is that it does matter. In theory, the wear pattern on your right boot will vary slightly from your left boot. When the shop sets the DIN on the release binding, it is done with a single boot. Hence, there may be a slight variation in the true release values on the right and left.

The reality is that many of us will switch skis on purpose to get the most out of a tune. Most of your skiing will be on the inside edges and they will dull more quickly. On powder, this is academic, but on eastern ice it is critical to have not only good edges, but great edges, so on the second day, my left becomes right and right goes on the left.

Hope that made sense. Plus, it gives the shop a bit of free advertising on your skis.
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Your left ski should always go on your left foot and your right ski on your right foot. However, you can elect to designate a new "left" and "right" ski each time you click into your bindings. It's referred to as the "skier's option".

There are a number of threads on this subject. If you use the search feature you can locate them for further study.

You will find, Grasshopper, that like much of what's posted at Epic Ski, there is no simple answer to the question you have posed. If you are disinclined to do further independent research on the subject then I'd suggest that you can, with confidence, rely on Yuki's answer. Ticos's answer is generally acceptable as well (unless you have cants under your bindings or have a specific reason for tuning the edges differently like racing and such).

P.S. Just having some fun with the topic. This question gets asked regularly. FWIW, I do mark my skis but I'm anal about such things.
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Ask over on the TGR site. They will be very helpful.
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The maggots have actually seen and respected this question HERE. Things are certainly different from when you and I were growing up Newfy.
For old time sake, do you think skibum#1 would help us hunt those snipes that have been running around? They're getting to be a real nuisance on Ebay.
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