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Cheap skis for tele

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Hi everyone,
I thought I had a line on some cheap skis for telemark, but it fell through. I will be checking e-bay of course. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I was thinking about myabe an older softer midfat-not generally the ski I ski so suggestions are welcomed. About me: tons of alpine skiing, 5'9", 160 pounds. I am looking for a ski primarily for inbounds. I prefer to buy a year or four out of dat, but "new" equipment. I would like to spend very little. Woman's skis are ok with me, intermediate/advanced are ok too. Anyone know of any deals?
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I's suggest something very similar to what you would choose for alpine skiing, with a slightly softer flex. What boots will you be using? What is your skill level?
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A couple of my freeheel buddies have been on the old Bandit X series. I know you can usually find a still shrunk-wrapped set of those for pretty cheap.
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I have some Volant Epic's in a 170 here. 108/68/100 or so dimensions. I could bring them to ESA Stowe. Will trade for drinks.
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Thanks for the responses. I have skied alpine since I could walk and I have also cross country skied almost as long. I did nordic jumping in school for a few years. Tele will be new to me, but based on a buddy I ski with I hope to pick it up pretty quick. I will be skiing on Garmonts equivalent of the T2-sorry I do not remeber the model right now.
Phil those Volant demensions sound about right-how is their flex?
Thanks again for the responces

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Originally Posted by Maineac View Post
Phil those Volant demensions sound about right-how is their flex?
Flex is nice. I think they would be a fine ski...especially for the $$.
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