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Experience with Travelocity Super Pass Offer?

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Travelocity has a deal on the Salt Lake Super Pass right now (get one day free). My question has to do with the dates that you input on Travelocity for the Activity and no one at Travelocity or the mountains can help.

Basically, when we input our exact planned 4 ski days on Travelocity, we don't get the needed 4th day free, they only offer up to 3rd day free during our time frame. When I change the date by one day, we get the 4th day free option...

My understanding is that the Super Pass doesn't really care about the exact dates, just the number of days purchased and you have 7 days of activitation regardless of days purchased. I'm just concerned about the Travelocity thing with the dates - I don't want to be screwed when trying to save money and Alta tells me they've had some problems with the free day offered by Travelocity.

Anyone have experience/advice? Thoughts?
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Well I got the super pass last year from travelocity and it was basically travelocity selling another companies passes. As soon as the transaction was over, I printed out the passes and brought them to the resort. I received a call from ski salt lake and there was a slight problem with the passes (something about a wrong barcode number on the pass). They took care of the problem and gave me a new set of passes.
This is a pretty good deal, and I just emailed travelocity to find out what the deal with the dates is. I'll be in slc from dec 28th-3rd and also sometime in march. I would like to get passes for both trips, as 6 days for $228 is not bad at all

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More research...

Apparently the dates with Travelocity don't matter for the Pass. But once the pass is activated, you have 7 days to use your ski days. Very cool.
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similiar problem?

I bougtht two days and should recieve the 3rd day free. On my print out receipt it only says two days though, When I called travelocity they assured me that I would indeed get the third day free. They pointed out that elsewhere on the receipt it layed out the last day of skiing free.

Is this similiar to the problem you are having?

has anyone else run into this problem? Do they indeed give you the free day at the mt?
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That whole Travelocity Superpass sales seems kinda dodgey....the dates and availabilty change daily. I waited too long to buy my pass for mid-Dec. and had to buy the longest available for my stay - 2+ 3'rd free; however, I looked today and there were, magically, more options, so I bought another pass(2+1). I was hesitant to buy the 4 days pass I wanted, as it was outside of my dates and the fine print says that passes can only be used on dates indicated on voucher...but that may not be the case, I dunno...seems kinda risky.

I can't wait to hit the slopes! Hope it works out for you!
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