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Building rails

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I ski at a small club run hill in Swan River Manitoba for our snow park this year I would like to build a couple of rails. I would like to know what would be the best building materials steel, PVC, others you may know of. Different ways to support the rails and any other tips you may have on the construction of rails. Thanks
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Find a welder in your area. They should be able to build whatever you request. You can use square or round pipe. They can weld on legs to support the rail with or without base plates. You can even go double wide for a quicker learning curve. The uphill end of the rail should either be curved on the round or have a piece welded on at an angle with the square. You don't want to be ripping up the bottom of your boards on any sharp edges.
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Welcome to epicski.
First off a lot of the skiers here probably don't understand what you are asking. It took me a little while to figure it out. I am guessing you are talking about rails to do tricks on.
Assuming this I have to say if you are going to be riding your skis across them they probably need to be steel. If they were PVC, they would be quite brittle in the cold. Also the steel edges on your skis and if boarders are also going to be riding them, they will destroy the PVC in one or 2 passes. The supports would have to be wood or steel (welded together) as PVC will would probably not support much weight or impact of being hit by skiers.

I'm sure some of the engineer types will have more suggestions but that is my take..
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Check out the video clip 'Subject to Change,' in the freeride section. There's some cool rail slides in that. The rails are usually steel pipe. The ends of the rails are bent down to form the post. This makes for a rounded corner that is less likely to shishcabob somebody. See the burning rail scene at beginning of movie. Find a welder, some pipe, bend into fun shapes, weld, and slide! Flames are cool too.
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PVC works just fine if you get some that is strong enough, the only drawback is that it is much too slick compared to steel. This is why almost all rails are steel and are really no different than hand rails that you see next to stairs. The thicker the rail, the easier it is to slide. Try to find a pipe, or something similar that won't rust easily and a welder can make anything you want like Vailrider said.
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