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Cannon this weekend: Is it worth it?

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So Cannon opens on Friday. They've had some cold weather and 3" of natural stuff. Here's the latest report from their website (http://www.cannonmt.com/index.php):

December 5, 2006
Thanks to snowmaking firepower like you see above, Cannon skiers and riders can take advantage of an early Christmas present. The mountain will open for the season on Friday, December 8th, and we will celebrate the season with free skiing and riding (that’s right- FREE!) on Friday. We will run the Peabody Express quad, and the Brookside chair, serving over 1400 vertical feet. The Links, Middle Ravine, Lower Ravine and the Brookside slope will be open and groomed. On Saturday and Sunday, tickets will be just $25, and don’t forget- this season, the Brookside chair is free all season. We will be open every day from here on, and all skier services are available. Celebrate the season with a gift of free skiing on Friday.
So, is it worth it to drive 2hrs. each way on Saturday for $25 tickets with 1.5 lifts, one green and basically one blue trail open?

Normally, I'd say no. But I'm itching to get out there, and my daughter is still learning to snowboard, so we wouldn't likely be using the whole mountain even if it were open. We'll probably buy season passes at Cannon, so the ticket cost doesn't matter much.

I'm inclined to give it a shot. Is it worth it?
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I like Cannon, but some of the worst, no, definately the worst, most treacherous early season conditions I ever skied were at Cannon. It was not a white ribbon of death it was an ice ribbon of death with rocks poking through! Now this was about 15-years ago so you can take my advice with a grain of salt. My advice: If you want to go skiing this weekend, go to one of the big resorts with massive snowmaking systems and staffs. Sunday River , Killington, Okemo all come to mind. Cannon can wait.
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I get my season's pass at Cannon every year. I might go up this weekend. I don't think their early-season coverage is any better or worse then other larger resorts' coverage.

Word of warning: I don't know how "beginner" your daughter is, or how familair you are with Cannon. But when you get off the Peabody Express chair, your only options are Big Link and Easy Link. I've seen more then one beginner get a : : expression going looking down those. Lots of traffic = scraped down to ice really fast.
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Does anyone know if Cannon's ski school will be open? My youngest son, age 5, may want to come and he'll need lessons if he does.

It didn't seem the magic carpet, etc. will be open, so perhaps not.

Any thoughts?
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